Journalists in Sevastopol beaten by Russians assaulting Ukrainian military unit

Journalists in Sevastopol were severely beaten during the attack on the Ukrainian military unit #2355 on March 7.

Lilya Budjurova wrote on FB:

Ukrainian journalists that were near the military unit #2355 (tactical unit “Krym”) were assaulted by “Aksenov’s combatants”. The journalists were severely beaten, the car in which Yelena Mekhanik was in was chased. They smashed the car and took away the cameras.

Ukrainska Pravda reports that apart from Yelena Mekhanik, journalist Andriy Tapliyenko and two more cameramen from “Inter” were in the car.

Dmitriy Belotserkovets, coordinator of the youth organisation in the UDAR party, wrote on FB:

I will start writing emotionally… but I have never seen such Fascism-Nazism-Genocide in my life. I was present during the raid of [Ukrainian] military unit #2355…Russian troops smashed the gates of the unit, and between 40 and 50 soldiers of Russian army made it inside.

They blocked the unit commander, and then they were ordered to leave… a so-called “self-defense” secured their retreat, but in in fact those were the Berkut riot police… who men who began to sweep the journalists. I have not seen such a menacing tyranny towards journalists… they made a bloodied mess… the journalists were beaten, finished off laying on the ground, pure revenge from Berkut to reporters. A broadcasting journalist from [Ukrainian] Channel 5 was severely beaten along with a Russian journalist; here is Russian democracy in action on the territory of Ukraine. Then they started looting, robbed everyone in sight, taking their phones, tablets, even bummed a wallet from someone.

I do not want my city mired in this lawlessness, this genocide against dissidents, it’s high time for the government to restore order!!!

I ask everyone to inform others about this genocide against people, it i not difficult to understand what awaits Sevastopol in the future! Complete anhiliation of free people and their freedom of opinion!

It will all come true if we do not stop them!

In addition, as per Russian TV Channel “Dozhd”, the Russian journalist Pavel Nikulin also was beaten during the assault. He was beaten to blood, but headed off to the hospital by himself.

Nikulin is right on this photo. He writes under the nickname @mrzff

Nikulin is the correspondent of the online edition “Russkaya Planeta”. During the last few days he was in Crimea, from where he reported on the events to different media outlets.

This is a video that remains from the assault.

As of 00:11, Lilya Burdzunova informed that Mekhanik together with the cameraman are in the Emergency hospital. “They say she is fine,” she wrote. Among the journalists that were injured is the director of TV Channel 5 Anton Loktionov. His fingers are broken, as Tetyana Danylenko on FB, the presenter of this channel, on facebook.

Another video of the assault is here.



Snipers on Maidan: Russian media distorted diplomats’ conversations

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet denied misleading information broadcast by the Russian media.

Gunment on Instytutska


A recorded conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton in which Minister Paet says that he was told that the snipers on Maidan were shooting at both sides has surfaced on the internet. Some Russian media have falsified it as evidence that the snipers were hired by the opposition. Continue reading

Eyewitness Account: Peaceful March Turned Bloody

Photo by Patrick Chellew

Photo by Patrick Chellew

Eyewitness account of what happened in the streets of Kyiv during a peaceful march on the governmental quarter on 18 February 2014 by Andriy Bondarenko

Andriy Bondarenko was on Maidan during the clashes with Berkut, titushki, and police on 18 February. Following is his account of the events, including Berkut’s use of weapons against peaceful protesters.

“I would like to post this information on Facebook to preserve it for future criminal proceedings against the regime. I am ready to repeat this account under oath in any court of law, including an international criminal court, and I state this information to be accurate under the penalty of perjury. Continue reading

An Eyewitness Account of the Night of February 19th in the Battle For Maidan

By Serhiy Suprun

I want to tell you about the night of February 19th, and what happened during the operation of “clearing the Maidan” by the Berkut police.

It was the toughest night of them all. The famed self-defense “hundreds” (“sotni”) were nowhere near us and neither were the guardsmen from “Svoboda.” The men holding up the front line of defense were badly organized and severely exhausted, at this point having to use their heads to prop up their shields against the oncoming assault, because their arms had no strength left in them. The stage provided them some confort, because it was free of the MP’s usual cheap pathos-filled and self-serving slogans. There was no one left. Parubiy (leader of people’s self-defense) declared that he suffered a stroke and went home. Turchynov (MP) requested a stretcher, announcing that he was hit by a sniper’s bullet. Continue reading

Captured Conversation Between the Snipers on the Roofs above Maidan in Kyiv Ukraine

Снимок2On February 18-19, snipers were operating on Kyiv’s Euromaidan, shooting at protesters. As of February 23, snipers had taken away the lives of 82 people.

The URL had first appeared in Euromaidan’s twitter in the evening of the day when mass shootings happened in the morning.

The audio has been edited (a little over 14 minutes, its author claims it was originally over 1,5 hours).

Callsigns are spoken: “Myron” (the immediate commander), “Gummi”,”Felix”, “Smena”, “Hassan”, “Dober”, “Center”, “Shtanga”, “Kolun”, “Judge” (a commander of a higher rank), “Seva” (a spotter on Klovskiy skyscraper).

Screenshot 2014-02-23 at 19

Information is as follows: pay attention to Hrushevskiy Street, be ready to work. If there is any action with a weapon, report and work. Berkut goes ahead, we will cover. Do you copy?

[Please note. The unit’s primary goal is to control Hrushevskiy street. The working procedure is to report the discovery of an armed person to the commander and then independent shooting. Berkut is mentioned in a way that makes it clear that the shooters are not part of it]

  • Seva plus
  • Felix plus
  • Myron ….

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Physicians of the Maidan, part 3

His story is unique and complicated, because he is neither a professional physician nor even a Maidan volunteer. Pavlo is a web designer from Lutsk. He arrived in Kyiv on 12 December. Pavlo has a very unusual background: he is a leader of the Lutsk castle historical reenactment team and the best archer in Western Ukraine. However, right here and now he is more into saving lives than shooting. He was a lifeguard in the Russian Emergency Ministry for more than six years and so, with his good experience in field surgery treatment, he believes that Maidan is the only place for him now. He has no fear of blood and is extremely stress-proof.

As Pavlo tells it, he joined the Second Self-Defense Sotnya [a special name for the self-defense division] because has already had friends there.

“On 19 January,” he said, “during the peaceful demonstration, medical services were operating only within Maidan’s perimeter. So there were only two medical workers in the whole convoy when the clashes began. However, physicians began fetching up to the hot zone within half an hour. We did it at our own risk, because had been ordered to step back. The doctors did not obey the order. We thought, ‘We shall stay as long as at least one person remains here.’ First, we organized an ambulance in the archway at Hrushevskiy 4. I was giving instructions to make corridors so the wounded could be evacuated to a safer place. A crowd remains a crowd. When it became clear that things would last for a long while, we occupied the ground floor of the building, as it was impossible to bandage the wounded outside in the cold and under fire. On 22 January, during the attacks, the first aid point’s doors were closed in order to keep Berkut from entering our health center. We put a large white flag with the Red Cross on the door, and some medic T-shirts too. In fact, what was happening inside could be seen clearly through the glass doors. Nevertheless, they smashed the windows and started throwing flashbangs inside. The explosions are much louder inside, you know. But we were lucky to escape and evacuate the wounded through the back exit to October Palace. We took the wounded and the most essential medical instruments. The surgical instruments, which were almost priceless at the moment, we had to leave behind. When we came back, nothing was left. Everything was smashed and broken. I still can’t understand why and for what purpose they did it.

“I will never forget that Monday night, 2 am and nobody minding the gas. Me and my colleague, another physician, were constantly watching for wounded to carry out or to run for help. So, we were just standing there waiting and smoking. Suddenly some grandma, about 70 years old maybe, comes up to us and says, ‘What are you doing, kids? You’re doctors, you should know smoking is dangerous’–and all under that smoke, gas and ashes from the burnt buses . . . that was fun. Anyhow, we had to persuade this elderly woman to leave for a safer place.

“Four sotnyas [divisions] provide the perimeter guard at the barricades, while inside the scene, underground crosswalk control, the House of Trade Unions, and Kyiv City Administration are on us. People have been coming from the very beginning and more divisions have been organized; I cannot even tell you how many there are now. The second sotnya is the toughest of them all. When we kicked the internal forces away from Ukrainskiy Dim and the assignment started, they offered to let us relocate at least some of the fighters there because it was warm and dry there with the additional infrastructure provided. The answer was ‘Oh no, how could we just… go away? No, we’re going to stay here in our tent, well, we’ll light the burzhuyka [a kind of DIY stove usually meant for field use], freeze a bit but we’re not leaving.’ My place is here. Sometimes there’s a longing to go home, but maybe just for a day. When it’s quiet, I feel I’d like just to come meet my friends and kick back. Sure, stitching wounds and carrying the dead [Pavlo helped to carry Nigoyan and Zhyznevsky to the first-aid points] is no fun. Maybe I would like to go back home but though it may sound pathetic, I feel that my duty is to lend my experience for Maidan’s sake, for the rightful cause. Sometimes I think, well, maybe it would be better for me to be on guard or at the frontline, to show these titushki a thing or two. But there are enough people to do that. I am here just doing what I have to do. When the battles at Hrushevskiy Street started, for many people it was the sign of the war beginning. But the war has actually never ceased, though maybe not every story is told. Why? Because there are always titushki and provocateurs around, because there are stories of somebody caught by police when going to his friend’s for a shower. As you may know, there are very clear reasons why we prefer not to address the official hospitals and try to organize everything right here.

“The fighters of the sotnyas have already become my family. We did not know each other before, but the feeling of fraternity is so intense, just as if we grew up side by side. This tent, sometimes wet and cold and crowded, is not a home yet, but it has become something very important, very communal for all of us.

“People invite each other over; there is a common joke that we may be on the road for another couple of years. Yet no one says ‘if we win.’ ‘When we win’ is the only answer. Something like this: ‘So, when we win, come to my place, you’re welcome.’ Nobody knows when it’s going to be, but nobody loses faith. All of us believe in victory, it’s 100%.”

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WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Afternoon 13:00 to 14:00


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
CLASHES BECAME WARFARE AGAINST PEOPLE’S SELF-DEFENSE IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates. Feb. 20: last night’s truce was broken on Maidan in the center of Kyiv. It is still unclear who fired the first…

WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Afternoon 15:00 to 16:00

Voices of Ukraine


Feb. 20: last night’s truce was broken on Maidan in the center of Kyiv. It is still unclear who fired the first live shots which came from the direction of the Conservatory building behind police lines. Molotov cocktails and grenades were also being thrown by police at the Conservatory. The directions of the shots point to a provocation by government forces as it would be extremely difficult for protesters to take firing positions from that direction. Since then Berkut snipers have been firing at protesters. Reports of deaths vary between 50 and 100 people.

Events of this afternoon, continued from EVENTS OF MORNING AND AFTERNOON, 09:08 to 10:52; 11:00 to 12:00; 12:00 to 13:00; 13:00 to 14:00;
14:00 to 15:00.

14:27 – More Titushka Violence

Titushkas are smashing up the National…

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WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Afternoon 12:00 to 12:57

Voices of Ukraine


This morning, Feb. 20, despite the truce announced last night, clashes were renewed on Maidan, in the center of Kyiv. It is as yet unclear who fired the first live shots, varying reports circulate.

Some reports say that the first live shots were fired from the Conservatory roof, which was behind law enforcement cordons. Since the Conservatory lies behind police lines, it would have been extremely difficult for protesters to take firing positions there. This gives ground to the assumption that the killing shots were a purposeful provocation by government forces.cAnother report says clashes were renewed when Berkut started throwing Molotov cocktails and/or grenades at the Conservatory. As protesters moved to put out the fires, snipers started shooting – at first, from the police lines, then from behind them. Many questions still remain as to who started killing…

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WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Morning 11:00 to 12:00


This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
CLASHES BECAME WARFARE AGAINST PEOPLE’S SELF-DEFENSE IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates. This morning, Feb. 20, despite the truce announced last night, clashes were renewed on Maidan, in the center of Kyiv. It is…