Ruslana: Titushky banished me from my home, threaten to punish me like Bulatov

Voices of Ukraine

February 9, 2014 1:29 pm

Translated by Olia Knight

Maidan activist and singer Ruslana Lyzhychko keeps getting threats on her phone. She made an announcement about the threats during Viche [Sunday Rally on February 9] from Maidan’s stage.

“Titushky have practically banished me from my house – they constantly watch it, and my neighbors relay the information to me. My car has been followed. I receive threats on my phone. I find it hard to adjust to phone calls where people say that they will do the same things to me as they did to Dmytro Bulatov. I want to ask them – what is so illegal that I do for them to use those methods against me?” Ruslana asked from the stage.

“I am telling you, I will not go anywhere, nor do I plan to do so in the future, I will dedicate…

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Who abducted Lutsenko, Verbitskiy and Bulatov?

Death squads covered up by MIA operatives? The events of recent months indicate that a powerful and deeply conspiratorial terrorist organization works in Ukraine, Aleftina Major writes.

Snipers of this organization open fire on a crowd of people, militants kidnap people directly from hospitals, carry out mass arsons of EuroMaidan activists’ cars, buildings, make threats and attack the houses of activists. Special resonance was caused by the attacks on well-known journalist Tetiana Chornovol, abduction and torture of Ihor Lutsenko and Dmytro Bulatov, abduction and murder of Yuriy Verbytskiy, abduction and beating of two Russian reporters Nikita Perfiliev and Anton Zakharov. Currently 36 Euro Maidan activists are missing. According to the statements of opposition leaders, the death squad operation is organized by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the executors are thugs, hired by “alcohol mafia.” We hope that the police and prosecutors will finally give an official response to the allegations of the opposition, since continued silence will only confirm all versions voiced against the leadership of the Ministry of Interior. In the meantime, the information on terrorists comes from unofficial sources in law enforcement agencies. Continue reading

Dmytro Bulatov Found Tortured, Crucified, Ear Cut

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Olia Knight  

One of the leaders of Automaidan, Dmytro Bulatov, who went missing on January 22, was found on the evening of January 30 in Vyshenky village in Boryspil district near Kyiv, reported by TSN.

According to Bulatov, strangers beat and tortured him, cut his ear off and even crucified him – he has puncture wounds on his hands.

The leader of Automaidan does not know who kidnapped him, but noted that men spoke with a Russian accent.  !_1391113629

After he was tortured for a long time, the Automaidan leader was taken and thrown out of a car. Bulatov walked around the village knocking on all doors until one of the natives let him in. Bulatov called his friends who picked him up and brought him to Kyiv.

“Batkivschyna” MP Yuriy Stets was the first to post information about Bulatov on his Facebook page.

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