Graduates of Gymnasium in Crimea’s Occupied Sevastopol Come to Graduation Ceremony Wearing Vyshyvankas (PHOTO REPORT)

On Friday, May 25, secondary schools throughout Ukraine, including Crimea, were holding ceremonies marking the official end of the school year. Students graduating from the Lesya Ukrainka Gymnasium No. 5 in Sevastopol, along with their teachers, wore vyshyvankas (Ukrainian embroidered shirts) to school as a sign of protest against Russian occupation of the peninsula.

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Children talking about Ukraine: Politics need to stop immediately

It’s very cute how they are confused about details and terminology, and how they mix up reasons and consequences, but sometimes they can formulate the most important points surprisingly well. They are from six to ten years old, but they understand so much. asked 20 children one question: “What exactly is happening in Ukraine?”

I happened to witness a simple conversation. Educators were deciding who to invite to the school for Victory Day. Veterans, even the youngest ones, are already almost 90… “Maybe invite some of the children of war?” suggested one teacher. Suddenly, I understood that familiar phrase in a new way. In a modern context.

Children 1

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A Rivne Benefactor Gifts Apartments to Children of the Fallen Heaven’s Hundred Heroes

Ukrinform correspondent reports that local businessman Roman Kurys gifted two studio apartments in a high-rise that is being constructed by his company in Rivne to children of the fallen Heaven’s Hundred heroes Georgi Arutunian and Valerii Opanasiuk.

“The children of fallen heroes will be able to settle in their new apartments before the end of this year, once the building is cleared for operation. The guarantee is the sales deeds that were issued to them”, said Kurys.

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