Turchynov Hopes Courts “Put a Period to CPU’s Existence”

Monday, May 19, 2014,19:16

Ukraine’s Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has instructed the Ministry of Justice to probe actions made by the Communist Party of Ukraine. Turchynov announced the measure during remembrance events in “Bykivnyanski Mohyly” reserve in Kyiv on May 18, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“Today I have signed an official letter to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in which I urge the Minister taking into consideration all the materials given by the Security Service of Ukraine and General Prosecutor’s Office on the illegal anti-constitutional activity of the Communist Party,” Turchynov reported. Continue reading


Vitali Klitschko warns of Communist Party recruiting pensioners for provocations in Eastern Ukraine

Kyiv mayor candidate Vitaliy Klitschko warns that the Communist Party is preparing massive separatist provocations in Eastern Ukraine. Information about this has been provided from multiple sources, from ordinary Kyivans to political representatives. prov

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Robert van Voren, Feb. 23, 2014


Watching the news programs in The Netherlands during a short stopover I am amazed at the low quality.  Not only is a lot of the news old, lagging considerably behind the changed reality, it is also limited both in depth and in scope. A few days ago, while a battle raged in Kyiv and some one hundred activists had been shot dead, the Dutch radio canceled a radio interview with me “from the front” because of “more important news”: the country had won a gold medal in Sochi. And not the first! No, it was the 19th or 20th, but still this was considered more important than the war right on the doorstep of the European Union. Continue reading