Ukrainian Parliament reinstates the 2004 Constitution

21 February 2014 16:57

The Parliament of Ukraine passed a law on the reinstatement of certain provisions of the 2004 Constitution of Ukraine (registration number 4163), by a constitutional majority vote. As reported by UNIAN,  the law was supported by 386 out of the 397 MPs registered for the session.

The decision was supported by 140 MPs from the Party of Regions, 89 from the Batkivshchyna party, 40 from UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform), 35 from the Svoboda party, 32 from the Communist Party of Ukraine, and 50 MPs now sitting independently. The law was passed without the committee’s decision and right away as a base and in whole.


Lesia Orobets on the 2004 Constitution

FB post, February 21, 2014

Many discussions are taking place now about the return of the 2004 Constitution. Is it necessary and what are the advantages?

I will attempt to provide key arguments. Undoubtedly, the key demand remains the resignation of Yanukovych and the punishment of all responsible for crimes against humanity. The 2004 Constitution provides mechanisms to achieve these goals, even if not as promptly as we would like.

1. Right now, the following may be the most important point. The Parliament appoints and dismisses the head of the Security Service of Ukraine at the request of the President. It also consents to the appointment and dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Article 85). In doing so, the Parliament may express no confidence in the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, resulting in his resignation. Therefore, the question of dismissing Pshonka, the current Prosecutor General, and then bringing him to face justice becomes only a matter of time. Nonetheless, he could escape. Continue reading

Ukrainian Parliament reinstates 2004 Constitution, adopts draft law for Tymoshenko’s release, dismisses Minister of Interior

Ukrainian Parliament votes for reinstating 2004 Constitution

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) passed a law about the reinstatement of certain clauses of the 2004 Constitution of Ukraine (registration number 4163), by a constitutional majority vote. According to the UNIAN reporter, 386 out of 397 MPs registered in the session chamber, have supported this law. One hundred and fourty MPs from the Party of Regions, 89 MPs from Fatherland (Bat’kivshchina), 40 — from UDAR, 35 — from Svoboda (Freedom), 32 — from CPU (Communist Party of Ukraine), and 50 out-of-factions MPs have supported this decision. This law was voted for without the committee’s decision and at once for the basis and in general.  Continue reading

Crimean MP: authorities organise provocations with titushky, attempt to change Constitution

“Crimean authorities orchestrate protests and mobilize titushky,” said Crimean deputy Leonid Pilunskyi on a Russia-24 TV channel program.

“These are local authorities who organize meetings and acts of provocation in Crimea and mobilize titushky and petty criminals for this,” said Leonid Pilunskyi.

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A Constitutional Trap for the Opposition

By Mustafa Nayem, Ukrainska Pravda

Two weeks after settling on a conditional truce in the street, the struggle over political positions has spilled over into high office. Both the government and the opposition have almost forgotten about Maidan’s urgent requirements to have the perpetrators of violence punished and to hold early presidential elections.

Vitaliy Klitschko is the only one who keeps bringing up the second point. According to the sources of Ukrainska Pravda, the other participants in the negotiations, both from the opposition and the government, have stopped even paying attention to it. It has become a tradition, a ritual of sorts, to remind Yanukovych that people are demanding his resignation and then to continue to discuss high politics. Continue reading