Activists Present Judiciary Reanimation Package of Reforms For Ukraine


Appeal to the Government of Ukraine, by NGO Representatives and Legal Activists: Regarding Restoration of Confidence in the Judicial System

Distrust of Ukrainian courts – the judicial system as a whole and of each judge in particular – is a sensitive topic for everyone in Ukraine. Despite the numerous events that have taken place during recent months, aimed at reforming the judiciary and restoring confidence in the court system, the level of trust continues to be low.  Instead of the promised progress, we are seeing the return of the old methods of control over the judiciary.

State authorities should increase their efforts to convince the public of their intention to guarantee every person in Ukraine the right to a free and fair trial. Continue reading


George Soros about Europe, Russia and Ukraine

By Vitalii Usenko

soros1In an interesting interview to The New York Review of Books, George Soros shared his ideas on many topics including Europe, Russia, and the Ukrainian crisis. He also presented his new bookThe Tragedy of the European Union: Disintegration or Revival? Whether one agrees or disagrees with Soros’s interpretations and arguments, it is hard to deny that the interview is extremely insightful and gives a lot of food for thought. I offer a discussion of the part of the interview devoted to Ukraine. Continue reading