They have come up a way to fool Putin and make money on Russian governors in Crimea

Crimean businessmen have come up with the “virtual holiday” service for those who don’t want to go on vacation to the peninsula. 

Regardless of the fact that currently there are almost no tourists in Crimea and the beaches are empty, Russian President Vladimir Putin assures that the resort season will happen on the peninsula, even if he has to force Russian governors to go there.

However, as “Groshi” reports, the governors are not hasty to go to Crimea even for taxpayers’ money. Holidays on the beaches of Morocco or Hawaii is much more to their taste, and as they are supposed to report to Putin about their holidays, a new service was invented in Crimea – virtual holidays.

The main idea of the service lies in that the governors can simply go on holiday to the Canary Isles, and the Crimeans that have come up with the scheme will provide an alibi regarding holidays in Crimea. The price of such a service constitutes about 30 thousand UAH.

Crimea businessmen work exclusively over the Internet. They offer a full package of documents to the Russian businessmen that confirm that they had indeed spent several weeks on Crimean beaches.

It is curious that the service is already incredibly popular, even though the “businessmen” don’t give any guarantees. However, Russian bloggers think that Crimean “problem solvers” will soon become billionaires by selling virtual vacations.

Source: TSN

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina