Open Letter to Russians from Canadian

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Open Letter to Russians

I don’t like to see people suffer. I especially don’t want to see Russian people suffer needlessly, due to the reckless behavior of their president, Vladimir V. Putin. German Prime Minister Angela Merkel warned that impending sanctions by the European Union would inflict “massive” political and economic damage to Russia unless it backs down from its effort to annex Crimea.

How will this affect the ordinary Russian?

  • Russia will be isolated from the rest of the world and so will you.
  • The Russian Ruble could be devalued by up to one third and so will your purchasing power, just like in 1989.
  • What good is Russian oil when you won’t be able to afford western car parts or non-Russian cars, or even access to buy new ones. Continue reading

Russia partying hard, but will have intense hangover

Oleh Leusenko, politologist


I had a sneak peak at the Facebook page of my friend from Moscow, the author and the host of the Russian TV show “Ezhednevnik” (“The Diary”), Yuri Pronko:

“Russia’s economy is completely in the gutter, yet the country is still unaware of it! All the money has gone to the ‘Crimean front’…” Continue reading