A Child’s Letter to the Right Sector

At 19:36 on February 12, we received the following message:

You know, I don’t know whether you are going to publish this, but I would like to tell you a very sad story nevertheless. I live in a small town in Vinnatsya Oblast, where basically no one supports you or EuroMaidan. No one really cares. Only a handful of people support EuroMaidan and particularly your organization. Continue reading

Why kill Mikhaylo Zhyznevskiy?

1922070_697028490327539_2052590053_nMikhaylo Zhyznevskiy, who was killed in the bloody attack on protestors in Kyiv on January 22, 2014, was a member of the Ukrainian liberation movement known as UNA-UNSO. The organization is affiliated with Right Sector, which is persistently accused of provocations by the pro-government media. A video taken three days before his death, however, shows the 25-year-old Belorussian trying his best to prevent rather than fuel provocations on Hrushevskiy Street.

The video shows Zhyznevskiy trying to persuade protestors, including members of Verkhovna Rada, to keep a safe distance from Berkut and the internal forces in order to avoid any possible altercations. Continue reading

Opposition MP Orobets: No progress whatsoever in negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych

Progress report, three weeks after talks with Yanukovych began

1. Not one political prisoner has been exonerated despite the new “amnesty law”. The prosecution is seeking to sentence many of them to 12 to 15 years but, so as not to attract too much attention, has been willing to release them for a few months first by placing them under “house arrest”. Then there’s yesterday’s winner, which saw four Afghan veterans arrested for bringing a pickpocket to the police [in a citizen’s arrest]. The thief, I expect, has since been released, perhaps even patted on the back and offered some smokes.

2. Viktor Yanukovych is still President, Viktor Pshonka Prosecutor General, and Volodymyr Rybak Speaker [of the Ukrainian Parliament]. Ihor Kaletnyk remains First Deputy Speaker, while Vitaliy Zakharchenko is still Interior Minister. These so-called ministers of the former Cabinet [which resigned] persistently forget the “Acting” in their titles. Continue reading

Den Maidan überqueren

Roman Romaniuk, Freitag, 07. 02. 2014, 14:31

Jede Revolution, wie auch jede Bekämpfung der beliebigen Revolution, fängt mit der Teilung an. Von der Bestimmung der „unseren“ und der „euren“ und der Feststellung ihrer Kräfte hängt die Dauer der Auseinandersetzung ab, sowie ihr Ergebnis.

Vielleicht dauert der ukrainische Maidan so lange, weil seine Teilnehmer, die auf die Straßen spontan herausgeströmt sind, die Verteilung der Kräfte und folglich die Ebene der eventuellen Forderungen nicht eindeutig verstanden haben. Continue reading

No Hague for Yanukovych and his team?

Resorting to the ICC in Hague to punish representatives of Viktor Yanukovych’s regime involved in gross human rights violations is problematic, at least in the nearest future, within the current political and legal framework . Continue reading

Perpetrators of cimes against humanity in Ukraine must be brought to justice

ImagePoet and translator Ostap Slyvynsky about torture, abuse of prisoners, violating the rules and customs of war. For active and free sharing worldwide.

As of today, January 26, 2014, it may be concluded that atrocities currently taking place in Ukraine not only exceed the level of systematic violations of basic human rights (freedom of expression, personal freedoms and their protection, the right to life), but reach the threshold of crimes against humanity as defined by the Rome Statute as “particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings” regardless of place, time and political context. These crimes are known to have no justification, and they could be considered as a symmetric response to any actions.  Continue reading