The Sniper Story of the Maidan Murders Does not Tell All: Journalist

Every Maidan death must be investigated

Journalist Olga Khudetska lists the names of murdered Maidan activists whose death circumstances do not fit the bounds of the so-called “sniper” version of events.

“As important as the subject of snipers is, it should not serve to cover up hundreds of those who beat people to death with their feet and batons,” writes The Insider journalist Olga Khudetska on her Facebook page.


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WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Morning 9:08 to 10:52

Voices of Ukraine


This morning, Feb. 20, despite the truce announced last night, clashes were renewed on Maidan, in the center of Kyiv. It is as yet unclear who fired the first live shots, a number of varying reports circulate. According to some reports, protesters started advancing after riot police attempted to set fire to the conservatory, where the wounded were kept. Other reports say that the first shots were fired from behind enemy lines.


As yet there is no conclusive information as to who fired the first live shots. Some reports say that the first live shots were fired from the roof of the Conservatory, which was behind the law enforcement cordons. Many questions still remain as to who started killing law enforcement officers first.

Since the Conservatory lies behind police lines, it would have been extremely difficult for  protesters to…

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Yanukovych addresses the nation, blaming opposition

Dear fellow citizens!

Together we have faced many challenges. But the one that we are facing today is perhaps the most difficult of them all. There has been a disaster. People have died. And that is tremendously painful and tragic for each of us. But we must endure and overcome this together.

From the very beginning of this confrontation, I have called for dialogue, being categorically opposed to solutions involving force, particularly bloodshed. That is my guiding principle – that no power is worth shedding even a single drop of blood. This is the very principle that guided me in 2004, when I stopped my supporters from clashing with those of my opponent. That is why, even in today’s conflict, I was betting on dialogue. Because God gave people the ability to speak so that they could understand each other. Continue reading

How much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe

egizUkrainian artist Boris Yeghiazaryan: “I would like to ask, how much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe?” The first day, when the clashes began on Hrushevskyy street, I called the collision instigation, deliberate provocation by the authorities, and willy-nilly оur boys from Maidan got involved in it. (Both then and today Maidan is full of provocateurs of various stripes as Maidan is an open area after all). In the coarse of the second day of the collision, when being unable to remain indifferent to what was happening on Hrushevskyy street, Maidan started to get engaged in it and gave battle, it became clear that although the war was imposed on us, we would no longer be able to avoid it. And after Maidan demanded the opposition leaders to deny the negotiations with the authorities, it became clear that Maidan, as expression of free will, as symbol of free Ukraine, refuses to believe in negotiations with the authorities whatsoever. And Hrushevskiy street was declared Maidan territory, i.e. the battle on Hrushevskiy street was declared our battle. And I concur it, as our boys were killed there. Continue reading