What the USA must do

By Thomas C. Theiner – https://twitter.com/noclador

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The United States has to lead again. The world has been a safer, more prosperous and more peaceful place when the US led the free countries of the world. Over the last few years the US has followed a disastrous policy of “leading from behind”. Disastrous insofar, as without US leadership the West and its allies meander around without a clear policy, thus not solving any pressing problems. US leadership up front is needed, not so much militarily, as ideologically and politically. As long as the United States does not formulate clear policy aims and a strategy to achieve these aims, even the most well intentioned ally only goes in circles waiting for the US to point it in the right direction. Continue reading


Lesya Orobets: Ich glaube!

  1. Ich glaube an eine freie, vereinte und wohlhabende Ukraine “vom Don bis an die Donau”.

  2. Jeder Bürger, der arbeitet oder Dienstleistungen erbringt, hat ein Anrecht auf angemessene, wohlhabende und sichere Lebensbedingungen.

  3. Die Bestrafung aller Verbrechen muss sichergestellt sein. Straftäter müssen strafrechtlich verfolgt werden, auch wenn dies Jahre oder Jahrzehnte dauert, bis man sie findet und bestrafen kann. Bürger, die sich an das Gesetz halten haben genießen auch Rechte, nicht nur Kriminelle. Continue reading

Yuriy Andrukhovych: How others perceive Maidan and why it must continue


Yuriy Andrukhovych never tires of speaking about Maidan or offering his own views on how to find a way out of the crisis. In an interview with Espreso.TV, the well-known Ukrainian writer shared his thoughts on who should become the next president and why what is happening on Maidan is hugely important for the country and should not be forgotten. Continue reading

Europe and Ukraine: Resistance to the Virus of Fear

Constantin Sigov, February 8, 2014, Istorychna Pravda

Konstantyn Sihov is the Director of the European Centre for Humanitarian Studies at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

We have recently awoken to the issue of new victims in the clashes with the usurping regime. This mutant regime’s violence damages not only the lives of our compatriots, but the ideal of peaceful democratic development in an independent Ukraine (1991-2013).

Resistance to the virus of fear is the key test of our solidarity.

The strategy of intimidation is not limited to the conspicuous violence of the Berkut riot police. Our immediate and distant futures are also denied to us. Our present is being severed from the freedom to which the two generations of the post-Soviet period are accustomed.

The quintessence of this experience are the days and nights of the last two months, the days and nights spent defending freedom on Maidan. This reality cannot be obscured or erased by smoke bombs. It is the source of courage. Continue reading

Ukrainian painter: Civilised world stays silent while democracy being destroyed


Ukrainian painter Boris Yeghiazaryan: “The civilized world is constantly delaying its response, thus, enabling the Ukrainian authorities to organize the third round of bestial atrocities in Ukraine by the scenario of Kremlin puppeteers”

Our reality is dramatic. I wake up every morning with the feeling that something irretrievable happened yesterday. I bear Serhiy Nigoyan and our other guys in mind every second. In their fight for European values, the Ukrainians rushed into the breach, and in this difficult times we have the right to count on the support of the countries that have proclaimed those values long time ago. After all, these states are our partners from the standpoint of the very idea of Maidan! The primordial concept of Maidan was the European integration, subsequently, it transformed into struggle to oust the criminal and corrupt authorities of Ukraine from power, as it became clear that no еurointegration would ever be possible with current deceitful authorities.  Continue reading

Don’t take Yanukovych at face value

zarembo While many in the West celebrate the negotiation process between the government and the opposition in Ukraine, it is important to realise that virtually no compromise has been attempted by the authorities so far. Below I am providing a brief summary of the key ‘concessions’ made by President Yanukovych and explain what they really mean.

1. An offer to the opposition to join and even head the government.

This is a smart tactical step which pursues numerous goals. Reported by the Presidential Administration minutes after the negotiation round was over, it created a storm of indignation among the protesters who felt that even contemplating such an offer meant the opposition’s pursuit of power and betrayal at the expense of people’s expectations and sacrifice. As a result, the opposition leaders had to explain away to the people rather then present and discuss the negotiation results with them. Continue reading