Mystical Body

Andrey Piontkovskiy

Mother Theresa could fairly reproach the Ukrainian soldiers for many things. During the shootings of the positions of the separatists/federalists/rebels/terrorists, which the latter frequently intentionally set up in living quarters, local citizens perish as well. The Ukrainian state is facing a horrible dilemma: to allow professional saboteurs, trucks sent from the neighbouring country, to start disorders, steal, attack the border checkpoints, kidnap, torture and kill Ukrainian citizens only for remaining faithful to their country, or to try and neutralise these “desperate” (according to Lavrov) separatists/federalists/rebels/terrorists, thus possibly endangering the lives of peaceful civilians. It was this that the main organiser and inspiration to “force Ukraine into friendship” Mr. Putin prophesied and warned during his first “Ukrainian” press conference about: “Let them try to shoot at our soldiers, when there are women and children standing in front of them.”  Continue reading