Interregional Council of Territorial Communities of Southeast Ukraine created in Dnipropetrovsk

A new coordination structure was created in Dnipropetrovsk on May 1: the Interregional Council of Territorial Communities of Southeast Ukraine. This was reported by the press office of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration and conveyed to UNN.

The new coordinating council was created for immediate stabilization of the situation on the territory of southeast Ukraine. Continue reading

Kolomoyskyy urges support for Ukraine’s government


Ihor Kolomoyskyy

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Ihor Kolomoyskyy advised people not to go looking for traitors among representatives of the central government. He made his comments to journalists on leaving the meeting of the Presidential Administration on Wednesday, April 30, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

When asked why, in his view, the central government is unable to achieve the same security measures in the country as he has in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Kolomoyskyy urged support. Continue reading

Bounties paid for 8 separatists in Dnipropetrovsk

Такие картинки – инструкции по обогащению – появились в интернете. Фото: соцсети.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, bounties of US $10,000 per person have already been paid for the detention of 8 separatists, Mykhaylo Lysenko, the deputy chief of staff of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast National Defense, confirmed to Radio Svoboda on Monday, April 21.

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Dnipropetrovsk launches new approach to separatists

The Deputy Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Boris Filatov is proposing new methods for dealing with separatists by providing financial incentives for good citizenship and by forming a regional anti-terrorist military force.

The first units of the Dnipro special forces battalion have been formed and are ready for combat missions. Roadblocks have been set up, Filatov writes on Facebook, April 16, as reported by Expreso.TV.

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Dnipropetrovsk promises Putin a “second Stalingrad”

Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban


A special forces battalion called Dnipro is being formed in Dnipropetrovsk, announced Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban, as reported by TSN, April 14. According to Korban, the formation of the battalion will begin this week and the selected soldiers will not represent any political organizations.

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Troubling events in Eastern Ukraine, Sunday, April 6, 2014


Oleksandr Turchynov urgently convened officials from the law enforcement and defense ministries and agencies due to the troubling events in Eastern Ukraine this Sunday, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

Oleksandr Turchynov, Acting President of Ukraine and Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, urgently canceled his visit to Lithuania, where he was to participate in the Conference of Speakers of European Union Parliaments. The acting President convened an urgent meeting of the heads of the law enforcement and defense ministries and agencies, taking the urgent situation that occurred in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts due to separatist demonstrations and violent clashes under his personal control.


Separatist Demonstration in Donetsk

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Mass protests against Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine and Russia

March 2, 2014. Oleksandra Kondratenko, Anna Mostovych

Yesterday, on March 1, 2014 Russia declared war on Ukraine. The President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, asked the Federation Council to authorise the use of force in Ukraine. The affirmative decision was taken unanimously at 5:21:57 (Kyiv time).

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

This was a totally unexpected decision not for Ukraine only but for the whole world. Declaration of war was severely condemned by single countries like US, Poland, Sweden etc. but also generally on the international level, i.e. in the EU, UN and NATO. But as Ukrainians have seen since end November 2013 it hasn’t gone much further then expressing grave concern and condemning the actions of Russia. Continue reading

Dnipropetrovsk activists destroy symbols of Yanukovych and Kolesnikov

1604810_427420640694465_2133167448_nAnother demonstration took place in Dnipropetrovsk on Sunday. After the demonstration, some two thousand protesters came to the oblast administration building, reports news channel dp.vgorode.

The protesters removed portraits of Yanukovych and oblast governor Kolesnykov and hung effigies of the leaders on the trees in front of the oblast administration building. They then tore off a memorial plaque honoring Felix Dzerzhinsky [founder of the Soviet secret police] and handed it over to the official representative of the local history museum. Continue reading