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EuromaidanPR is a public initiative that, in line with the spirit of Maidan, provides truthful, reliable and accurate information on developments in Ukraine.

Starting from January 12, 2014, the originally Euromaidan Kyiv-based and currently international volunteer team of EuromaidanPR (Euromaidan Public Responsibillity) has been working 24/7 to provide you with reliable and accurate information on events in Ukraine on our web, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram accounts.

After 4 months we have registered as an organisation to become a stronger team that will develop and continue to provide you with true, in-time news about Ukraine and will contribute to new initiatives for Ukraine’s socio-economic growth.

If you would like to support our activities you can do so here.
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Support Euromaidan activists without leaving home

1615035_10152330227382679_932951719_nInternet-users that express their solidarity with Ukrainians under occupation and protesters of EuroMaidan in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine can provide remote financial assistance. Injured activists need treatment, families of those who died are also in need of support. Activists need means of personal protection, hotlines need money for mobile phones. TV channels that make online broadcasts of current events also need your help in order to make it possible for you to follow the current events in Ukraine live. The volunteer team of EuromaidanPR is also accepting donations.

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