The Cool Battalion. The second troop of the National Guard is going to Donbas. 

Igor Ilkiv, the head of the medical service of the second battalion of the National Guard about the life of the battalion.

The second battalion, which has been formed in April from three hundred volunteers and has undergone preparation at a polygon near Kyiv, is going to Donbas today.

“UP.Life” met with the head medic of the battalion Igor Ilkiv in order to ask him how well-stocked the medical unit is. 

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General and 9 military killed near Slovyansk


Ukrainian military helicopter a few minutes before being shot down

Ukraine’s ATO (Antiterrorism operation) confirms the deaths of 10 military in the helicopter that had been shot down near Slovyansk.

In the helicopter shot down by terrorists near Slovyansk, 10 military were killed — not 14 as earlier reported by Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, announced ATO spokesman Vladyslav Sleznov, reports Expreso TV, citing UNIAN, May 29. Continue reading

Ukrainian oligarchs who are detested by Moscow


Ihor Kolomoysky

Espreso TV has rated the top five oligarchs who have ended up in Russia’s disfavor over recent events in Ukraine

Ihor Kolomoysky — for offending the Kremlin

Ihor Kolomoysky took first place in the rankings. Kolomoysky began the series of activities disliked by the northern neighbor as soon as he moved into the governor’s chair. At first he organized the hunt for the weapons and terrorists so cherished by Russia. He promised cash rewards: US $1,000 for a gun, US $ 1,500 for a machine gun, US $10,000 for each captured “green man.” Continue reading

Donbas refugees find shelter on Yanukovych’s estate


Photo: Hryhoriy Salay, Segodnya

The first refugees arriving in Kyiv from the eastern regions of Ukraine have been placed in the presidential residence in Mezhyhirya, reports the newspaper, May 13.

According to the newspaper, dozens of refugees from Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kramatorsk and some 20 from Crimea are being housed in the two-story building where Yanukovych’s closest servants were to live.

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Ukraine’s president reports on new anti-terrorist operation, calls on Russia to stop terrorism


Oleksandr Turchynov

Address of Acting President of Ukraine
Oleksandr Turchynov to the nation, May 2, 2014

Fellow Citizens

This morning we began the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation directed against the main base of the militants in Slovyansk, who are terrorizing the entire Donetsk region. Our main goal is to protect people and prevent casualties among the population.

Our security forces are fighting the mercenaries of a foreign state, the terrorists and criminals who are seizing hostages, killing and torturing people, and who, with weapons in their hands, are threatening the territorial integrity and stability of Ukraine. Continue reading

Russia accused of propaganda war to justify invasion

Файл:Writing About Charity wikicontest 2012 - 11.jpg

Victoria Syumar

The intent of Russian media, which is claiming that a gunfight in Slovyansk supposedly occurred between the Right Sector and peaceful citizens is obvious — to carry out the next wave of preliminary propaganda to justify an invasion, the Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council Victoria Syumar writes on Faceboook, April 2, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.

“Reporting by Russian journalists of a supposed gunfight between the Right Sector and ‘self-defense’ units in Slovyansk is based on some ‘business cards of (Dmytro) Yarosh’ and ‘unknown weapons.’ The number of casualties that increase by the hour and some ‘evidence’ that no one has managed to see– all this is a perfect example of Russian propaganda that is now being reproduced not only by Russian media but by much of the foreign media,” Syumar says.

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Ukraine’s Defense Ministry confirms loss of 6 armored vehicles


The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has finally confirmed the loss of armored vehicles in Kramatorsk. Six BMD armored vehicles were captured today and transported to Slovyansk, the MOD press service confirmed to Espreso.TV, April 16.

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Dnipropetrovsk promises Putin a “second Stalingrad”

Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban


A special forces battalion called Dnipro is being formed in Dnipropetrovsk, announced Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration Hennadiy Korban, as reported by TSN, April 14. According to Korban, the formation of the battalion will begin this week and the selected soldiers will not represent any political organizations.

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Are UN peacekeepers in Ukraine possible or necessary?


Espreso.TV, April 14, 2014

The feasibility of a UN peacekeeping mission in eastern Ukraine depends on the confidence of the government in its own powers.

The idea of involving UN peacekeeping forces to control the “creeping Russian aggression” in Ukraine has occurred repeatedly to many different people recently. The supporters of this idea include the Secretary of National Security and Defense Andriy Parubiy and the leader of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev. On April 14, a similar opinion was expressed by the acting President Oleksandr Turchynov.

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