Crimean Residents Will Have to Verify Their Diplomas in Russia

According to an announcement posted on the official website of Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science, Crimean residents who wish to
have the validity of their diplomas recognized will need to go through a recognition procedure, sending an application with a package of documents confirming their completion of education to the Service for Educational Supervision. This requirement applies only to those residents who received their diplomas in 1992-2000. 

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Primer for Teachers: Revolution in Ukraine 2.0

Rear view of class raising handsversion 2.0, written by Borislaw Bilash II Physics Teacher, Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale, NJ USA


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Rich Myers: Alexander, Co-Coordinator of the Open University of Maidan

Voices of Ukraine

Rich Myers: Alexander, Co-Coordinator of the Open University of Maidan


Alexander, Co-Coordinator of the Open University of Maidan

February 16, 2014

Within Kyiv’s Ukrainian House, the massive and old building occupied by Euromaidan demonstrators in late January, activity doesn’t stop.   At any point the place could house hundreds of people watching movies, reading books at the makeshift library or listening in their seats as a lecture is given.  These lectures are coordinated by Euromaidan’s “Open University”.  Today I spoke to Alexander, one of the four coordinators of the project.

What function does the open university perform at Maidan?

Education and literacy.

What role do you fulfill within the open university?

I am the co-coordinator.  We have four co-coordinators here – we don’t have any head or chief or boss.  We are absolutely equal, and I am one of them.

Are you in charge of the library here…

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