Liashko’s Triumph: An Accident or The Beginning of Great Way? 

Sviatoslav Khomenko, BBC

Oleg Liashko, who took third place at the elections with a result of more than 8% of the votes, is already being called one of the sensational news of the presidential campaign.

Within several days before the elections, the sociologists did not give any chances to this candidate, and today experts are quite seriously predicting good perspectives for him at the possible early parliamentary elections. Continue reading


10 Non-Obvious Facts About the New President of Ukraine

It has already been written on Wikipedia that Petro Poroshenko is the 5th President of Ukraine. And this means that can readily gather non-obvious facts and quotes by Petro Olexiyovich. Which, essentially, is what we are doing.

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The Latest CEC Data: 50,26% of the Ballots Have Been Counted

26.05.2014 | 09:35

Petro Poroshenko is leading in the elections, 53.86% of the voters have voted for him. 

As of 09:30 Monday morning, the CEC has processed 50.26% of the protocols at the presidential elections. Petro Poroshenko is in first place, to whom 53.86% of Ukrainians have given their vote.

According to the Central Electoral Committee, 53.86% voters have voted for Petro Poroshenko, 13.10% – for Yulia Timoshenko, 8.48% – for Oleg Liashko, 5.48% – for Anatoliy Gritsenko, 5.18% – for Sergy Tigipko, 3.4% – for Mikhailo Dobkin, 2.26% – for Vadim Rabinovich, 1.89% – for Olga Bogomolets, 1.54% – for Petro Simonenko and 1.17% – for Oleg Tiahnybok.

The USA, Germany and Council of Europe have already celebrated the successful presidential elections in Ukraine. The Ukrainian CEC has deemed the elections of the head of state as such that did take place.


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

Poroshenko’s Unknown Life: Love for Sweets and a Fight with Putin Which Did Not Happen


As a child, Petro was a hooligan, however he always shared his candy with classmates and helped girls carry their schoolbags. 

TSN correspondents have discovered unknown facts from the life of the leader of the presidential list.

Petro Poroshenko’s female classmates from the provincial town of Bolgrad characterise him as a calm, good, and generous person. And the former judo trainer from the Moldovan village of Bendery evaluates the candidate as strong, swift and headstrong, reports TSN.Marathon.

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Let The World Know The Truth About Ukrainian Election Rally 2014

10252180_537062129744788_5675998115586268337_nDear citizens and guests of Ukraine! You have a unique opportunity to let the world know the truth about the historical Ukrainian 2014 elections.

From now on and for the next 4 days of the presidential election rally in Ukraine you can become an international news journalist and spread information around the globe for more than 250 international TV channels worldwide.

Just use your Smartphone or Tablet to capture unique materials and create your News Package about the election rally all over Ukraine with footage about agitation, hidden advertising, bribery, forgery, violations, fights, sabotage, voting breakdowns, etc.  Continue reading

Remember that everyone holds the fate of millions in his hands


Soon we will elect the next president of Ukraine. We have already experienced several similar elections, but this time, after the tragic events on the one hand and the national awakening at Maidan on the other, while standing on the threshold of significant changes in our social life and a real opportunity to live in a normal democratic country, this vote is of particular importance for our nation.

From the history of many nations over the centuries, we know how important a person leader is, regardless of what we may call him: emperor, king, prince, hetman, president, secretary general.

A good leader, sincerely devoted to his people and truly wishing them well, is a great joy for the people. A bad leader, focused not on the common good but on other things, can be said to be a curse on the people. Continue reading

Parubiy: Separatists want to elect a president of South-East Ukraine

imagesWith Russian support, separatists intend to elect a president of Ukraine’s south-eastern regions by the end of April. This was told by National Security Council Secretary Andriy Parubiy during a press conference.

“Elections of the president of the republic of South-East Republic, as a parallel authority, is planned by end of April, under the concept that the South-East wants to join Russia,” said Parubiy.

According to Parubiy, intensification of separatist sentiments in South-Eastern Ukraine is predicted to happen on May 1 and 9 [Labor Day and Victory Day – ed]. In addition, Parubiy reported that Russian provocateurs now continue working at village and town councils, convincing them about the need for referendums and joining Russia. Continue reading

Presidential elections: 38 candidates have submitted documents to the CEC

March 30, 2014. Based on preliminary data, only 23 documents packages out of those submitted by the presidential candidates meet requirements

38 documents packages have been submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (the CEC) for registering presidential candidates in the early elections. However, only 23 of these meet all requirements, the CEC Press Service reports [update: as of March 31, 24 of the packages meet requirements – ed].  Continue reading

Russia will not recognize Ukraine’s presidential election

Saturday, March, 29, 2014, 10:44

Russia currently regards the presidential election scheduled for May in Ukraine as illegitimate. Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE in Vienna, Andrei Kelin, stated this on Friday during a videoconference between Moscow and Vienna, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“Concerning the question of whether it (the election) is legitimate or illegitimate, at this point in time we think that this election is illegitimate because it does not fit the way it was set out in the agreement (from February 21),” said Kelin.

In his words, to make the elected president legitimate, the leader of the state should be supported by all Ukrainians. And for this sake, the legislation must be changed.

“The constitutional reform is urgently needed. It cannot wait,” said the Russian diplomat.

The original news in Ukrainian is on the Ukrainska Pravda website: