Oleg Liashko: If only you knew what kind of “dough” they’re offering me

Mykola Pidvezyaniy, Kateryna Peshko, Stanislav Gruzdev (photo), “Glavcom”

When Oleg Liashko brought a cow to the Parliament, ate soil at the Verkhovna Rada booth and walked the city with a pitchfork, this was viewed as political extravagance – a trick that the smallest fraction of the electorate would fall for. However the results of the past elections prove that the main parliamentary rascal has a significant political perspective. The politician, who according to some experts, was under the patronage of Yanukovich’s team for the role of the oppositional clown, has already stepped out of this frame. 

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“Right Sector” Will Remove Barricades and Tents from Maidan

They want to turn Maidan into an “Idea Generator,” only leaving representatives of artistic circles there. 

The party “Right Sector” intends to put Maidan Nezalezhnosti in order – remove the barricades and unblock the roads in the centre of Kyiv. This was stated by member of the political council of the party, head of the Kyiv organisation “Social-National Assembly” (Right Sector – East) Igor Krivoruchko, reports “Interfax.”

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There Will Be No “Transnistria-2” in the East of Ukraine – Diplomat

Olexandr Lashchenko

Vasha Svoboda” guest: Andriy Veselovskiy, Special Ambassador of the Ukrainian MFA.

Olexandr Lashchenko: Recently the President of France Francois Hollande met with Petro Porohenko. Having congratulated him with the victory at the elections, he invited him to the celebration ceremony of the anniversary of the allied army invasion in Normandy during World War II. The ceremony will take place on June 6th. This ceremony is to be attended by the leaders of many countries, particularly the US President Barack Obama will be present, as well as Queen of England, Elizabeth II. 

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Yanukovych sits shocked in Russia, nearly crying and seeing bad omens

The former president has issued another statement from Rostov-on-Don.

Today the Russian mass media published another text address from former president of Ukraine and fugitive Viktor Yanukovych. In his statement, he talks about bad signs for the early career of the new government in Ukraine and, in particular, new president Petro Poroshenko.

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“For Them To Wage War and Not To Have Anything To Wear!” – The Families of the Fallen Near Volnovakha

Valeriya Dubarova, May 29th

Mourning continues in Volyn Oblast for the soldiers fallen during the ATO. At the polygon near Rivne, a vigil was held on Monday, and the men were buried the next day. The youngest of the fallen was 18 years of age.

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Volodymyr Honcharovskiy, a hero of Instytutska

During my stay in Germany last weekend for the conference dedicated to Ukraine and Euromaidan, I had an opportunity to visit one of the heroes of Instytutska at a military hospital.

The name of this courageous man is Volodymyr Honcharovskiy.

He was wounded on February 19th on Instytutska—he took two bullets to his spine and was paralyzed. The German doctors gave him no chance of recovery. However, after another medical examination, they noticed that Volodymyr had feeling in his right hand, and operated on him immediately. Since then, Volodymyr has been recovering by leaps and bounds. Not only is he able to take a couple of steps by himself, but he is also exercising on training equipment, especially on a stationary bike. The doctors are saying that his speedy recovery is some kind of miracle. Continue reading

Die Geschichte eines Helden

Quelle: EuromaidanPR auf Facebook

Viele verletzte Maidan-Aktivisten werden im Ausland behandelt. So auch Vladimir Goncharovsky, der in einem deutschen Bundeswehrkrankenhaus operiert wurde und jetzt dort eine Therapie durchläuft.

Am vergangenen Wochenende haben wir, einige Aktivisten des “EuromaidanPR auf Deutsch”, die Möglichkeit gehabt, Wolodymyr in Deutschland zu besuchen.

Er wurde in der Instytutska Str. am 20. Februar von zwei Kugeln in die Wirbelsäule getroffen und war gelähmt. Die deutschen Ärzte waren überzeugt, dass er für den Rest seines Lebens behindert bleiben wird. Nur zufällig wurde bemerkt, dass Wolodymyr noch ein bisschen Gefühl in seinem rechten Arm hatte, und er wurde danach dann mehrfach an der Wirbelsäule, beiden Beinen und am rechten Arm operiert.

Seit dem geht es Volodymyr mit jedem Tag besser und besser. Selbst die Ärzte sind erstaunt, dass er schon langsam laufen, viele Übungen machen und unter anderem am Heimtrainer Fahrrad fahren kann. Längere Strecken schafft Wolodymyr nur mit dem Rollstuhl, aber er hat sich ein Ziel gesetzt, schon in einem Monat nur mit einem Rollator zu laufen, und den Rollstuhl nie wieder benutzen zu müssen. Continue reading

On Truth and Iniquity: Results of proceedings in the case against Mykhaylo Havryliuk’s abusers

Today the Pechersk District Court heard  two cases regarding abuse of power and office by internal military officers D.V. Kravets and L.V. Lomonos who,  in performance of their duties, committed unlawful acts degrading human dignity and committed violence and torture against Mykhaylo Havryliuk during the events of Euromaidan. The case resonated widely after a video of the brutal treatment of Havryliuk was made public.

Both court hearings ended with the approval of settlement agreements, a one year probation period with a prohibition against engaging in law enforcement activities, and an obligation to apologize to the victim in writing.

Reading between lines, the case materials reveal an impressive ability to forgive.

Source: Ozon/Озон – громадське спостереження’s Facebook

Translated by Svitlana Gusak, edited by Robin Rohrback

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