Defense Ministry evacuates Ukrainian military from Crimea

Thursday, March 20, 2014, 20:54

“The Ministry of Defense is evacuating the Ukrainian military from Crimea,” said Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak at a briefing, LIGABiznesInform reports.

He said that the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Council have already made a decision about the temporary location of the military. “They know where to go and understand … Answering this question, I’d like to not create a wave of excitement,” said Semerak. Continue reading


Channel 5: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approves evacuation plan for Ukrainian citizens from Crimea


19 March 2014

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the evacuation plan of Ukrainian citizens from the Crimean peninsula to mainland Ukraine in the course of today’s session. Ostap Semerak, minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, announced that during the news briefing after the session, UNIAN reports. Continue reading

Russian occupation. Everyday stuff

мA week ago, I wrote the post “Morning Thoughts”, in which I said, even if we don’t have a full scale war, I will never, until the end of my days, forgive the fear I was forced to feel by those bastards that were directly connected to the military invasion by Russia of the territory of Ukraine. Also those who “mentally support” this idea, “are not against”, “there’s no smoke without fire”, “government knows best”, “time to end those banderites” and “Crimea was always and will always be Russian”.

Now I added some more notches.

I will never in my life forgive all of the above for the screwed up evening two days ago.   Continue reading