The “honest” rating: TOP-20 officials that do not live on what they make

Transparency International has calculated who out of the officials in 2013 spent more than they have earned. We have outlined the most generous ones. Three are still working. 

On June 6th on the website of the Ministry of Justice, a bill “Regarding corruption prevention” has been uploaded for social discussion. The document presumes the emergence of yet another anti-corruption institution – the National Committee for the Prevention of Corruption. One of the functions of the future committee is controlling the governors’ expenses. This might become an effective instrument to counter corruption.

On June 10th at the roundtable talks “How to organise effective control of welfare” the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the international organisation Transparency International presented a rating of Ukrainian officials whose expenses are several times larger than their officially declared salaries. When calculating the expenses, they accounted for the movable and immovable assets belonging to the officials, expenses for the purchase of personal items, education and provision for members of their families, hobbies, travel and leisure, formal events and so forth. The revenue was taken from annual declarations. Overall, more than 400 high-standing officials were analysed, there are 69 finalists who have spent an indecently large sum. Continue reading