By Askold Krushelnycky

I am at Simferopol airport where green uniformed professional soldiers with no insignia took over during the night and are being backed up by local volunteers.

The Ukrainian government says these are not Ukrainian soldiers and they are definitely not local people wearing uniform. The Ukrainian government is calling this an invasion. An ex-British paratrooper working with one of the TV crews says they are professional, carrying their guns the way they should be, with safety catches on.

I have tried to talk to them but they are not saying anything. I have tried to ask for a commander or spokesman but nobody will talk to the Press. The airport is operating normally. Continue reading


EYEWITNESS Stories – Feb. 20

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Paweł Łapiński

All our Kiev doctors repeat this sentence: God protects people who are from Maidan.

Tonight they brought a young man to the camp hospital. To save him, I needed to do a microsurgery. But at the hospital, there was no microsurgeon. And then came a man in his 50ties, who brought some medicines. He said: you don’t perhaps need a microsurgeon, do you? Similarly, in response to a request for medics to come and help, a second surgeon appeared. So we quickly set up the surgery and saved the guy’s hand. Thanks to wholesale distributors and random people in Kiev, we were supplied with the medicines a month ahead of time.

The doctors ask if someone has the ability and desire to help, to bring home food for the wounded. All doctors asked me to pass their gratitude and admiration for the spirit of…

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