Faces of Maidan

Fourteen protesters describe why they came to Maidan, what they were doing, and what they want
Andrew, 26, is a a medician from Chernihiv who has been at Maidan for two months. He is a member of the 5th Sotnia in the Maidan self-defense.

Was it terribly scary on Hrushevsky Street? It wasn’t, when it was heavy action. I’m opposed to Yanukovych because of the low salaries and poverty. Yes, I understand that the EU Association Agreement doesn’t mean that everything will all of a sudden become great and that we’ll see an [immediate] rise in salaries. It won’t be easy at first, maybe even harder than it is now. We’ll need a little time. But then it will improve. What do I want most of all? I want it to be over. But we’ll stand here till the end. Continue reading


Face to face with the men on EuroMaidan’s barricades (photo journal)


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Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
One cannot use brute force to quell protesters against a criminal regime. The spirit and the soul are indestructible and will live forever. Kiev 10pm, Feb. 1, 2014Inside one of the hundreds of tents…