The Battle for Donetsk is on March 16. Why is Akhmetov Doing THIS?

The eyes of the whole world are on Crimea, where on March 16th the Russians are conducting a referendum. But it would be better if those eyes would turn to another corner of Ukraine – to Donetsk. Let’s review briefly what’s going on in the eastern capital, according to what local residents are saying. Throughout Saturday March 15th it was virtually impossible to reach mobile phone subscribers. Mobile signals are being blocked. A full-scale radio war is happening. Crowds of people streamed into the city center, asking passersby the same question: “Where is Lenin Square?” This means that they were out-of-towners, but with a clear instruction, to go to the center. Many of these people looked peculiar, scaring Donetsk residents who fearfully pressed their backs into walls. The city is full of people who look like criminals and thugs. They say in Donetsk that on Sunday, March 16th, around 50 thousand provocateurs will stage mass unrests with certainty of casualties.

‘Rise, Donbas! We will tear to pieces the bandera scum!’

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Vitaliy Portnikov: Yanukovych is Turning into a Separatist

If President Yanukovych has really flown to Kharkiv, then he is getting ready to give the country over to Moscow, says journalist Vitaliy Portnikov on his FB page.

“If Yanukovych really left for Kharkiv, it means that he has committed himself to giving the country over to Moscow and the pro-Russian forces which created the so-called Ukrainian front. The scenario of the president’s move to Kharkiv in the case of Maidan’s success had been discussed as early as November, but it was first floated by Moscow in 2004,” he writes.

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Well-known Ukrainian doctor Yevheniy Komarovskiy speaks on Ukrainian federalization

1966860_235414386642371_1003031802_nUkraine is united, inseparable and independent country within its borders. This is a given.
Any changes in state structure by means of federalization can be seen as a first step beyond loss of independence and the country itself. The second and third steps will not be long in coming, and every step is going to be stained by blood.
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