The President Factor. How Poroshenko will change the country’s finance sector

What the tax sphere, bank, investment and currency markets expect from the head of state.

May 27th, 2014

It seems the issue of Petro Poroshenko’s presidency has already been solved. On the eve of the announcement of the official election results, LIGABusinessInform found out the expectations of the market participants have of the future head of state.

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Ukrainian Small and Medium Business Became the Main Sponsors of Maidan

In the interview with the DW, the experts explained why most Ukrainian businessmen support protests against Yanukovich and sponsor protesters.

The experts say that unlike the oligarchs, many small and medium Ukrainian businessmen had preferred to stay away from politics but recently they changed their position and adopted political slogans in a place of economical requests. The experts explain the reasons urging Ukrainian businessmen to show solidarity with Maidan by sponsoring the protests. Continue reading

EU, USA and IMF Will Help Ukraine on Condition of Reforms

Ukrainian national symbols at the European Parliament

EU, US and IMF are considering a package of financial aid for Ukraine but only on condition that Kyiv implements far-reaching political reforms. “We are looking at how to support Ukraine in today’s economic and political situation,” said Maja Kocijancic, a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. Continue reading