Journalists of the Journalistic Investigation Center Beaten by “Self-Defense” in Simferopol

03.06.2014 00:40

Journalist and editor of the Journalistic Investigation Centre Sergei Mokrushin was detained by the “self-defence” and had been transported to Simferopol’s municipal hospital no.6. He is suspected of fractured ribs and contusion of internal organs, as Sergei Mokrushin informed the editors office by phone.

He said he was being transported in an ambulance to a traumatology centre accompanied by the police.  According to Mokrushin, he and Melnikov were detained by the “self-defence” and brought to their head-quarters. The interrogation and beating was witnessed by Aleksander Yuryev – former member of the community board at the Council of Ministers, and Anatoliy Petrov – member of Simferopol City Council.   Mokrushin noted that, although they saw how the journalists were tortured, they didn’t interfere. Continue reading


Let The World Know The Truth About Ukrainian Election Rally 2014

10252180_537062129744788_5675998115586268337_nDear citizens and guests of Ukraine! You have a unique opportunity to let the world know the truth about the historical Ukrainian 2014 elections.

From now on and for the next 4 days of the presidential election rally in Ukraine you can become an international news journalist and spread information around the globe for more than 250 international TV channels worldwide.

Just use your Smartphone or Tablet to capture unique materials and create your News Package about the election rally all over Ukraine with footage about agitation, hidden advertising, bribery, forgery, violations, fights, sabotage, voting breakdowns, etc.  Continue reading

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EuromaidanPR is a public initiative that, in line with the spirit of Maidan, provides truthful, reliable and accurate information on developments in Ukraine.

Starting from January 12, 2014, the originally Euromaidan Kyiv-based and currently international volunteer team of EuromaidanPR (Euromaidan Public Responsibillity) has been working 24/7 to provide you with reliable and accurate information on events in Ukraine on our web, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram accounts.

After 4 months we have registered as an organisation to become a stronger team that will develop and continue to provide you with true, in-time news about Ukraine and will contribute to new initiatives for Ukraine’s socio-economic growth.

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Boy gets arrested for streaming from his balcony in Sloviansk

boyOn Sunday, 13:04 this young man asked to post in a Facebook newsgroup Revolution/Euromaidan/The Right Sector that he is streaming a live broadcast of the SBU building in Sloviansk from his balcony.

Somehow, the location of this young man had been detected, seven man in masks and wearing a green military uniform had charged into his apartment, confiscated the tablet from which the broadcast was being streamed, a phone, two system blocks (his, and his fathers), and demanded that he got dressed and came with them. This lad was trying to resist, but he was still taken to Sloviansk SBU building, where he is still located. They do not even allow his parents to see him. His captors claim that they do not beat the boy, feed him, and even allow him to take walks (under guard) during evenings. The boy has caught a cold as a result of being in the in the basement for a long time, although he did not wish to admit to it. One time Artem was allowed to talk to his mother on the phone, and after hearing his voice she understood that her son has a cold. Continue reading

Russia’s corruption campaign in the EU

by Thomas C. Theiner


Everlasting stupidity: 250,000€ per year

Ever wondered why many Western business managers, journalists, politicians, or pundits defend Putin’s aggressive and oppressive policies? Ever wondered why so few Russians in Russia and abroad speak out against Putin’s oppressive policies? If you haven’t wondered yet, that is because as a Westerner you cannot fathom in the slightest the Putin system of oppression, coercion, and corruption. Continue reading

Der Spiegel about worthless Ukraine.

By Thomas Theiner

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Der Spiegel, already a lie spreading, propaganda spewing, sorry excuse for a “journalistic” product, which once had some ethics, morals and professionalism is sinking so low so fast, that one can barely follow its decent down the drain into the sewers.

Yes, I am furious and there is a reason for that: Today Der Spiegel published an extremely tendentious piece linking the Ukraine government to Syrian jihadists, which I thought would be hard to top with its malicious content… but Der Spiegel managed to do just that and in less than three hours!

The new piece is by Jakob Augstein, who usually publishes uninformed barely logical ramblings with anti-Semitic undertones. This time he write about Ukraine… or as he says it “worthless Ukraine.” His argument is that Ukraine isn’t worth risking a confrontation with Russia, so the West should just retreat and leave Ukraine to Putin. The Ukrainian people don’t even figure in his views, all he cares for is to make sure his holy overlord in the Kremlin wins Ukraine, remains untouched from sanctions and lives to invade other countries another day. Continue reading

Der Spiegel lies about Ukraine

By Thomas Theiner

The German weekly Der Spiegel has always been notorious for its biased reports, but a recent article in its print edition reaches new heights of propaganda and defamation.


Ukrainians as seen by Der Spiegel

Currently, Der Spiegel is toeing the Kremlin line and publishing one report after another, besmirching Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian government, while whitewashing Putin’s actions and ideology. Their recent article, “Halbautomatische Gewehre: Ukraine wickelt Waffengeschäfte über Deutschland ab” (Semi-automatic rifles: Ukraine concludes weapon deals through Germany) is a blatant example of their malicious attitude towards the truth.  Continue reading

The West Must Help Post-Soviet Countries Counter Moscow Television

Paul Goble, originally on Window on Eurasiarustel

Staunton, April 25 – At the dawn of the 20th century, Vladimir Lenin wrote that “a newspaper is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator; it is also a collective organizer.”  Now, in the 21st, Vladimir Putin has updated this Bolshevik principle by having Moscow TV play the same role with the Russian speakers in the former Soviet republics.

Increasingly, Moscow television presents an alternative Orwellian world in which black is white and freedom is slavery, one in which governments that stand up to Moscow are CIA-backed “juntas” and those who employ violence against them are peaceful demonstrators defending their right to national self-determination. Continue reading

Freedom of press infringed by armed Donetsk separatists in Eastern Ukraine


8 masked people bearing bats came to the editorial office of the site and made demands as to coverage of the so-called ‘People’s Republic of Donetsk’, the site’s chief editor Roman Lazorenko explained in an comment for ‘Novosti Donbasa’. Continue reading

In Sloviansk, Crimean “Green Men” Captured Journalists

zeleniSunday, April 13, 2014, 00:46

In Sloviansk, “green men” like those seen at the beginning of the Russian occupation of Crimea, captured Hromadske TV and journalists and forbade them to work in the town, highlighting events under control of the region’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and other protests.

This was reported to Ukrayinska Pravda by the journalists themselves. According to the journalists, the armed men in Slovyansk who took the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, Donetsk Oblast office in Slovyansk, captured them as soon as they approached the territory of the building. Continue reading