Der Spiegel about worthless Ukraine.

By Thomas Theiner

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Augstein, main publisher of Der Spiegel, channeling his inner Ribbetrop

Der Spiegel, already a lie spreading, propaganda spewing, sorry excuse for a “journalistic” product, which once had some ethics, morals and professionalism is sinking so low so fast, that one can barely follow its decent down the drain into the sewers.

Yes, I am furious and there is a reason for that: Today Der Spiegel published an extremely tendentious piece linking the Ukraine government to Syrian jihadists, which I thought would be hard to top with its malicious content… but Der Spiegel managed to do just that and in less than three hours!

The new piece is by Jakob Augstein, who usually publishes uninformed barely logical ramblings with anti-Semitic undertones. This time he write about Ukraine… or as he says it “worthless Ukraine.” His argument is that Ukraine isn’t worth risking a confrontation with Russia, so the West should just retreat and leave Ukraine to Putin. The Ukrainian people don’t even figure in his views, all he cares for is to make sure his holy overlord in the Kremlin wins Ukraine, remains untouched from sanctions and lives to invade other countries another day. Continue reading


Der Spiegel lies about Ukraine

By Thomas Theiner

The German weekly Der Spiegel has always been notorious for its biased reports, but a recent article in its print edition reaches new heights of propaganda and defamation.


Ukrainians as seen by Der Spiegel

Currently, Der Spiegel is toeing the Kremlin line and publishing one report after another, besmirching Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainian government, while whitewashing Putin’s actions and ideology. Their recent article, “Halbautomatische Gewehre: Ukraine wickelt Waffengeschäfte über Deutschland ab” (Semi-automatic rifles: Ukraine concludes weapon deals through Germany) is a blatant example of their malicious attitude towards the truth.  Continue reading