The Donbas battalion on the Karlovka ambush


As soon as it became obvious that Defense force “Donbas” is capable of mopping-up terrorists from next and next districts of the Donetsk region, an unaccountable event happened. Actually, there is an explanation. “Donbas” has been betrayed and information about its movement route became know to the terrorists. “Donbas” ran into an ambush near village Karlovka and accepted battle. Snipers, submachine gunners were engaged against “Donbas” and bazookas were being used. There are wounded (the amount is being verified). There are 2 persons in the hospital of one of the nearby towns, 2 persons were moved from the block-post to the hospital. One of them is in the surgery operating theatre and the other one is in traumatic surgery. Guards were left near the hospital with the wounded. The other wounded are waiting for evacuation.  Continue reading


Diversionist ‘Strelkov’ Urges Women to Fight: Men Do not Come

Sunday , May 18, 2014,13:23

Russian diversionist Ihor Hyrkyn, also known as ‘Strelkov’, who proclaimed himself a Commander-in-Chief, urged the women of Donbas to sign up for fighting  squads. This was stated by ‘Strelkov’ in a video message on YouTube.

“If the men are not able, we have to call upon women. I have ordered that they be accepted into our army. It is a pity there are no officers among the women, but what difference does it make if male officers do not come to us at all?” he said. Continue reading

Sloviansk Terrorists Issue Ultimatum to Withdraw Army in 24 Hours

A deputy of Donbas’s main separatist Strelkov (in reality Igor Girkin, officer of Russia’s MoD Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)) has issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian authorities to withdraw the Ukrainian army. Otherwise, the terrorists will destroy all, and have subversive groups ready for the task. The recorded video with the ultimatum is being shared in youtube. “If the military equipment is not pulled 20-30 km away from Donetsk and the checkpoints are not taken off – everything will be burnt and destroyed. I already have subversive groups ready, I already got heavy armor ready,” said Strelkov’s deputy. The Army is given 24 hours to withdraw. The ultimatum ends at 9 PM GMT+2.

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Terrorists assembled throughout Russia and sent to eastern Ukraine – source

UKRAYINSKA PRAVDA Saturday, May 10, 2014, 9:38

1926682_463321080463219_1261664550_nDuring the last two weeks, military formations under the control of the military intelligence service Spetsnaz GRU are being replaced in eastern Ukraine by mercenaries arriving from Russia.This was reported on his Facebook page by Dmytro Tymchuk, Director of the Centre for Military and Political Studies.

According to Tymchuk, these are military reserve units with experience in the Russian Spetsnaz and experienced in taking part in combat operations (in particular, in the Caucasus). Continue reading

The SBU has arrested the GRU subversionist ‘Abwehr’

he Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a close assistant of the operative aka “Abwehr”, member of the Russian Central Intelligence Directorate. This information was revealed on May 3 by Vasyl Krutov, Deputy Head of SBU, Director of the Anti-Terrorist Centre.

“We have arrested the close assistant of the GRU operative “Abwehr”. “He is now under arrest, and we hope that we’ll know much more very soon.” said Krutov. Continue reading

Russian Military Intelligence Is Recruiting Ukrainians In Crimea – VIDEO with English subs


The Ukrainian security service has arrested one of the separatists. During questioning the arrested person said that in April he was recruited by an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces during a trip to Crimea.

According to him, anyone could come and join the ranks of the so-called ‘self-defence force’ of Crimea with a subsequent course of preparation at the naval infantry training base near Feodosia. Ukrainian citizens who joined the illegal armed groups received 100 hryvnia per day, and those who had military training got several times more.  Continue reading

“Right hand” of Sloviansk terrorists’ leader has been arrested with Kremlin money at the airport

Perepechayenko took part in negotiations in Moscow. April 28, 2014

Ponomarev’s Deputy has been arrested by the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The Security Service of Ukraine has arrested Igor Perepechayenko, Deputy of Sloviansk self-proclaimed Mayor Ponomarev. The SBU Press Center Spokesman Maryna Ostapenko has reported this at a briefing.

She claimed that Perepechayenko “is implicated in organizing separatist activities and large-scale collisions in Donetsk Oblast, accompanied by violence and resistance to the authorities”. Continue reading

Why Moscow revealed Strelkov’s identity


Taras Klochko, Espreso.TV, April 27

The rather unexpected interview that the Russian saboteur, the GRU (Russian foreign military intelligence) colonel Igor Strelkov granted is the result of the complete failure of an experienced intelligence officer on Ukrainian territory as well as the professional work of the Security Service of Ukraine.

As generally assumed, a spy can hope for glory only in case of failure. The Russian GRU colonel Strelkov, nicknamed “Shooter,” finally received his measure of fame after giving a major interview to Komsomolska Pravda, in which he tried to present himself not as a staff saboteur in the Russian army, but as some kind of field commander — the commander of the Slovyansk “self defense.”

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SBU prison cells are overcrowded with Russian GRU (military intelligence) officers

April 27, 2014

“If you ask the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, he will confirm that SBU prison cells are overcrowded with separatists, including many current Russian GRU officers”, said Arsen Avakov, Minister of Interior Affairs, in his interview with Ukrainian TV channel ‘Inter’.

Responding to a question of when the Ukrainian public will recieve information about the interrogations of these detainees, Avakov said that such interrogations are conducted regularly, but it is only within the capacity of the head of the SBU to make decisions about the disclosure of the contents of such interrogations. Continue reading

30% of Ukrainian SBU officers were Russian FSB and GRU agents

As confirmed by the Razumkov Centre’s Mykola Sungurovskiy, the previously quoted information on the mass recruitment of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) officers by Russia corresponds to reality.

guyAbout 30 percent of the personnel of the Security Service of Ukraine were agents of the Russian Security Service (FSB) and Russian Military Intelligence Agency (GRU), said Mykola Sungurovskiy, the director of military programs at the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies, named after Oleksandr Razumkov. He made this statement during an broadcast.  Continue reading