MFA: Ukraine should be part of Europe’s collective defense

Thursday, March, 27, 2014, 17:43

Security guarantees for Ukraine do not work, so the country is forced to look for other ways of protection, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Danylo Lubkivskiy announced. He made this statement ​​in response to a question about whether Ukraine could promise Russia to remain a non-aligned state.

“Non-aligned status is a decision that should be taken by the Ukrainian nation. But when the safety of the country is put in jeopardy and when guarantors of security do not fulfill their obligations, we will be looking for other ways of protection and defense, and of course, the collective system … Of course, Ukraine should be a part of the collective system of European defense, ” said Lubkivskiy. Continue reading


Ukraine’s former Foreign Affairs Minister on “Guarantors” and Their “Guarantees”

4112-5-2Volodymyr Ohryzko, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007 – 2009 рр.)

Ukraine, as many are aware of, has given up its nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees of sovereignty and security, inviolability of its borders, and refraining from use of pressure and force against it.

Did Ukraine fulfill its commitments? Yes, it did. Our state has given up its nuclear weapons.

What about the guarantors? Continue reading

The EP is going to remind Russia that it is a guarantor of Ukraine

ImageThe European Parliament intends to remind Russia that it acted as a guarantor of the existing borders of Ukraine, and makes to refrain from economic pressure.This is stated in the draft resolution of the European Parliament (EP), designed by all political groups. A draft resolution will be put to the vote on Thursday.

Yes, the EP intends to remind you that the existing borders of Ukraine were guaranteed the United States of America, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom in the Budapest memorandum on security guarantees. Continue reading