Donbas Volunteer Battalion Tells About Karlovka Battle

donbasOn 23 May 2014 a battle took place near Karlovka between the pro-Ukrainian patriotic volunteer Defense force “Donbas” and the terrorist battalion “Vostok”. The Donbas battalion has given its account on the course of events on their facebook page.

Early in the morning a platoon of 25 persons of the civilian volunteer Defense Force “Donbas”, of whom 80% are residents of the Donetsk Oblast, moving by several cars and minibuses, ran into an ambush of terrorists from the so-called “battalion “Vostok [‘East’ in Russian]”, numbering 100 persons. The Donbas battalion was armed with small arms, hand grenades, 1 sniper rifle, while the Vostok battalion was armed with sufficiently heavier weaponry: small arms, heavy weapons (large-caliber machine guns and grenade launchers), three APCs, and had a group of several snipers. As per the Donbas battalion, 80% of the terrorists from “battalion Vostok” do not live in the region, being Chechen terrorists, fighters of the former Crimean “Alpha” [special unit of Security Service], fighters of the former Crimean “Berkut” [a special police force known for its violent actions against Euromaidan protesters], while 20% are civilian fighters from the self-proclaimed terrorist republic “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR).

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Kyiv City Administration Announces Contest for Heaven’s Hundred Memorial

The Kyiv City State Administration has announced a contest to create a Memorial to the Heaven’s Hundred in Kyiv. It will be an all-Ukrainian contest, citizens from other countries can also participate. The first stage of the contest is a submission of ideas. The best ideas will be selected for the second stage of the contest after public discussion and by a jury and public council of experts. The deadline is July 23, 2014. All the details can be found on the official website of the contest,

The concept of a Memorial to the Heaven’s Hundred has given rise to much discussion in Ukrainian society. What is the meaning of the Heaven’s Hundred? Why is it central to the Maidan’s memory?

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The real heroes in Ukraine

Robert van Voren


The heroes are the young generation in Ukraine, who started and fuelled this revolution and who made the impossible happen. What happened in Ukraine, today and over the past months, gives hope to the whole region. We now see that indeed desovietization is taking place, that the effects of disastrous Soviet rule are gradually eroded. Ukraine today – maybe Russia some time in the future.  Continue reading

Mykhailo Havryliuk – Kozak Hero Forgives Torturer Before Trial Sentencing

A Hero is the Beauty of his Shining Spirit: Kozak Havryliuk Forgives Torturer Standing Trial

Voices of Ukraine

A few words about the Good…

Not only does it prevail over Evil, but it also inspires everyone to do good deeds.

Do you recall Kozak Havryliuk? The one who was caught by Berkut on Hrushevskiy Street on about January 22nd, brutally beaten, derided – was stripped naked in the freezing cold (-20C), was kept in a paddy wagon naked for a couple of hours, mocked and humiliated. And this man has maintained his dignity and hasn’t become bitter! His torturers are currently standing trial. The warrant officer who tortured him faces up to 8 years in prison.

“I do not have any claim to this man and I want him to get released, do his own business and raise his children. Why should his child become an orphan, why should his dad be taken away from him? I think that it will be a much better lesson than 8…

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Heroes of Maidan: Olha Halushko, wounded, released from hospital in Cherkasy

Voices of Ukraine

e7689b46bcece4496e8f2e985b81b6a6 February 27, 2014 4:30 pm
Translated by Olia Knight
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Olha Halushko wounded during the storming of the Cherkasy regional state administration on January 23, 2014. According to the Deputy Chief of Surgery Volodymyr Ududenko, she was released from Cherkasy oblast hospital on February 24, 2014, reports “Dzvin” newspaper. 

– She is stable, conscious, and is feeling okay. She talks and works on the computer. She was released with a recommendation to come back in three months for cranial vault reconstruction, said Ududenko.

According to Olha’s mother, Natalia, the young woman is now recuperating at home, in the Sumy area.

– We are preparing for the surgery: Olha needs a plate to replace a quarter of her skull. She is at home, many concerned people call wishing her quick recovery, – says Natalia. – My daughter is doing fine after the surgeries and the treatment, but she…

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Stage Manager: Andrei Movchan, 34 years old

Voices of Ukraine

  • 1656020_695939397124042_952211837_n

    Andrei Movchan, 34 years old

    Andrei Movchan use to come to Maidan every day for a few hours, always looking how and who can he help. So it was this morning. From about 9 am to 10 am he was going around barricades, asking how to help. At 10 am, he returned to the camp of the Democratic Alliance on Maidan. We have not figured out what happened next… For sure, he went to the barricades to bring water or food, as he did every day. After 11 am, Andrei stopped responding to phone calls … At the time of lunch, he has been found literally shot down – with several gunshot wounds that left him no chance to survive….

    Andrei Movchan worked at the Ivan Franko National Theatre as stage manager. He was a very gentle person. One of his friends once said that he looked like a toy…

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Sorrow for the Hero


We were standing on top of the barricades overlooking the building of the city hall. Some rooms were still lighted. On Hrushevskogo Street an occasional vehicle drove by. It was quiet around, even too quiet. Suddenly I felt someone touching my hand. I turned round. A young woman stood below. She asked me to help her get on top of the barricades. I gave her a hand and was about to get back to my friends. But she wanted to make a small talk. Her name was Tanya; she was a biochemist with another degree in high technology; a typical extremist, in short. Tanya didn’t come here alone but with some fellows. The guys, however, standing at distance, were hesitating to come closer, as if we were contagious or something.  Continue reading