Announcement of the Right Sector concerning the events of March 27, 2014


Today on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv a Viche [people’s assembly] was held on the matter of the counter-revolutionary actions of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The main reason for the assembly was the brutal murder of Oleksandr Muzychko, a representative of the Right Sector.

The rally was attended by several thousand people from various organizations, including activists of Maidan, Automaidan, the self-defense, Right Sector, and other organizations.

The rally aimed to demand an urgent lustration of the law enforcement agencies, a just punishment for those guilty of the tragedy on Hrushevskiy and Institutska Str, and resignation of Interior Minister A.Avakov. Maidan’s Viche decided to take the initiative into their own hands, and Right Sector, being the vanguard of the national Revolution, supported the will of the people. Right Sector declares that the picketing of Verkhovna Rada was a precautionary action.

Right Sector opposes seizing the building of Verkhovna Rada. During these events, Right Sector activists held back people that were indignated by the lawless actions of Minister Avakov. Continue reading


One rebel’s story from Hrushevskiy Street in Ukraine

Someone asked me to talk about Maidan and [the barricades] on Hrushevskiy Street. The most memorable things. So I’ll try. Perhaps because I want to get all of this off my chest. The people who came here deserve to be heard.

Over there, you start to feel proud of your [people][country] and believe in victory. And you know that that the victory depends on you personally. And today, this is the only place in the world where you can be who you are – a human being, for example.

It’s easy to become a hero. All you need is a photo of yourself in front of the barricades. Bonus points if there’s a stack of black smoke in the background. You can then [safely][confidently] return as you type on your phone: “Hey, I’m returning from the front lines. We messed them up badly. But everything’s stable now. See you soon.”  Continue reading

Berkut [riot police] beats up 20 medical volunteers helping the wounded

They took the Red Cross flag away with them, announcing that it is their trophy.
More than 20 Red Cross medical volunteers suffered as a result of collisions on Hrushevskoho of January 22nd, 2014. Vice-President of , All-Ukrainian Council for Patients’ Rights and Safety, Evgen Najshetetyk, stated: “In the last couple days we received information about more than 20 people that work for Red Cross being beaten up”.

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Tribute to the catapult

Photo by UNIAN

This medieval contraption had been busy shooting since its construction on January 20th until it was ruined by the Berkut police in the night of January 21st.

The Catapult had its own twitter channel,, posting twits such as: “I threw a Molotov cocktail towards the Berkut! Inexpressible experience!”; “I am loaded with stones and cobblestones, but I don’t see where they are flying. I hope that I hit the target a couple times”; “Somebody brought lasers, I see the target! Target established, fire!” “Everything thunders and clatters here, it’s very loud, but that’s nothing to me, because I’m the main catapult in Ukraine”.

15 hours after its destruction, the catapult posted again, saying that it had been dissassembled for the barricades, but that we would wage war yet again.

More about the catapult here>>

The night and day of January 21st, 2014.

Photo by Roman Chornomaz

“Titushka” safari, priests in the no-mans-land, kidnapped activists and more

Hrushevskogo battleground
21.01.2014 03:25  _ Roman  Chornomaz: “The police are pressed back behind the buses. Apart from grenades, the berkuters throw rocks, chunks of ice, and Molotov Cocktails.” Apart from that, the police were using projectors to blind the protesters, shoots at journalists of ПТС channel,, channel “5” . Mykhailivsky monastery is tolling its bells once again. The police start shooting with metal bullets. Continue reading