“Chechenization” of Ukraine: what for? 

Russia is already spreading the “experience” of occupied Chechnya to Donbas.

Obviously, sending Chechens to the far away and completely disconnected Ukraine was a decision made by the Russian Federation government also with the goal to bury the issue of Russia’ military crimes in Chechnya forever – bury it under the tag of the “bandit people,” which would like nothing more than “to go to war, no matter where and what for.”

The long trace of the unfinished Russian-Chechen War is becoming more and more obvious on the “soil” of Eastern Ukraine. The grievous crimes committed by the Russian military-political forces on Chechen land, which have gone unnoticed by the main international institutions, have “metastasised” first in the aggression against Georgia. And now, with even more rascality, they are being committed in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine.  Continue reading


Diversionist ‘Strelkov’ Urges Women to Fight: Men Do not Come

Sunday , May 18, 2014,13:23

Russian diversionist Ihor Hyrkyn, also known as ‘Strelkov’, who proclaimed himself a Commander-in-Chief, urged the women of Donbas to sign up for fighting  squads. This was stated by ‘Strelkov’ in a video message on YouTube.

“If the men are not able, we have to call upon women. I have ordered that they be accepted into our army. It is a pity there are no officers among the women, but what difference does it make if male officers do not come to us at all?” he said. Continue reading

Sloviansk Terrorists Issue Ultimatum to Withdraw Army in 24 Hours

A deputy of Donbas’s main separatist Strelkov (in reality Igor Girkin, officer of Russia’s MoD Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)) has issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian authorities to withdraw the Ukrainian army. Otherwise, the terrorists will destroy all, and have subversive groups ready for the task. The recorded video with the ultimatum is being shared in youtube. “If the military equipment is not pulled 20-30 km away from Donetsk and the checkpoints are not taken off – everything will be burnt and destroyed. I already have subversive groups ready, I already got heavy armor ready,” said Strelkov’s deputy. The Army is given 24 hours to withdraw. The ultimatum ends at 9 PM GMT+2.

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Why Moscow revealed Strelkov’s identity


Taras Klochko, Espreso.TV, April 27

The rather unexpected interview that the Russian saboteur, the GRU (Russian foreign military intelligence) colonel Igor Strelkov granted is the result of the complete failure of an experienced intelligence officer on Ukrainian territory as well as the professional work of the Security Service of Ukraine.

As generally assumed, a spy can hope for glory only in case of failure. The Russian GRU colonel Strelkov, nicknamed “Shooter,” finally received his measure of fame after giving a major interview to Komsomolska Pravda, in which he tried to present himself not as a staff saboteur in the Russian army, but as some kind of field commander — the commander of the Slovyansk “self defense.”

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