Russians cannot be allowed to leave their territory, otherwise they will ruin European civilisation: published in 1927, written as if yesterday

Today the civilised world doesn’t have to think what to do with Russia – liberal European thinkers have precisely and long ago defined both the essence of what Russia is and the strategy of behaviour in its regard, the only thing left is to find the instruments accordant with the present day. The text below was published in 1927, however it reads as one that was written the day before yesterday.

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Embrace Ukraine, not Putin

By Volodymyr Yermolenko. An open letter to Die Welt newspaper

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was surprised to read an article yesterday published in your newspaper and written by Mr. Ulf Poschardt calling on the West to “embrace” Putin. The provocatively-titled article did not once mention Ukraine after the first paragraph, as if the country at the centre of today’s events did not exist. Continue reading