Experts examined video of the ‘shooting’ by the maniac Bezler, a.k.a. Demon: Information Resistance Group


The Information Resistance group has asked experts to analyze the video released by the terrorists yesterday [June 5] showing a shooting accompanied by an ultimatum to Ukrainian authorities from the sadist Bezler, a.k.a. Demon.

The experts found the following: “The gravity vector of the falling bodies does not coincide with the direction of the shot. Judging by the sound of clanging breechblocks, someone cocked two AK-74s. Judging by the shooting sound, they were shooting blanks (for this reason these were single-shots). The officers are in plain clothes. One wears a snow-white shirt, which is hardly possible after being held captive for a few days (the shirts would have been, putting it mildly, not very clean, and after the shots, as they were falling, a white shirt would have shown blood). They did not show the faces.” Continue reading


Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk


Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk of the ‘Information Resistance’ in his FB post.

“Operative news from the ‘Information Resistance’ group. We, the ‘Information Resistance’ group, have received from our reliable sources satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of separatists in eastern Ukraine over the last three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the scenario for the Russian invasion into our country. Continue reading

Information Resistance: On the Subject of TV anchor Kiselyov and Radioactive Dust

Voices of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Information Resistance Information Resistance

March 17, 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

Yesterday’s statement by the über-propagandist [Dmitry] Kiselyov on the “Russia One” channel provoked great reaction. Putin’s Jolly Jester suddenly started broadcasting, “Russia is the only country in the world that is actually capable of turning the U.S. into radioactive dust.” Then, he started to scare the viewers with Perimeter [also known as Dead Hand]“our system of guaranteed nuclear retaliation.”

In order to fully enjoy the charming stupidity of Mr. Kiselyov, we must take a short detour back in history. In particular, we must remember that at the beginning of the nuclear arms race, the United States and the USSR have been constantly solving the problem of guaranteed nuclear retaliation, i.e.: creating a system capable of launching a nuclear response at the enemy under any circumstances – even if the…

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Statement by Information Resistance

Voices of Ukraine

Statement by Information Resistance from March 9, 2014

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Fully aware of the complexity of the situation, through sheer willpower during the past week we have refrained from criticizing the inaction of the leadership of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, expecting them to begin resolving the situation in Crimea.

However, the time has passed and we see no indication of the fact that someone from higher management decided to take responsibility. Whereas any hour of delay for our troops in Crimea is another blow below the belt. And all of this is happening against the huge support and concern for our Ukrainian military from the people of Ukraine, ordinary Ukrainian citizens.

Moreover, we are closely monitoring the dealings of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of Ukraine. And we see a very disturbing picture…

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Rumors of Ukrainian border guards taking the enemy’s side are groundless

581216_232448096859978_1676449222_nOn March 9, former MPs spread misinformation about 100 Ukrainian Border Guards violating the oath of allegiance to Ukraine and taking the side of the occupants at the headquarters of the Azov-Black Sea regional Border Guard department in Simferopol. reported this, citing its own sources in the department – the former MP Heorhiy Manchulenko. Manchulenko also said that a few dozen people have violated their oath of allegiance in the Sevastopol naval protection detachment.

The Crimea-based Information Resistance group refutes that information. Their statement is below. Continue reading

7th of March: Status in Crimean conflict

 Dmitry Tymchuk, military and political observer

The bad news:

1. Putin gave directions to his military and gangsters to expel the Ukrainian military forces from Crimea before the 16th of March (the date of “referendum”). Although the Russian soldiers in Crimea are trying their best to put on a convincing show of discipline, their morale is waning. And it is not surprising; officially, they do not exist on the peninsula. Putin denied their presence and it is not clear how they are different from Aksenov’s criminal bands in the eyes of the law. Because of this, it is necessary to utilize them immediately; otherwise, they may become a disorganized mob very soon. Continue reading