International law firm from Ukraine takes a stand in the information war

Voices of Ukraine

Arzinger is an independent law firm headquartered in Kyiv and having its regional offices in Western and Southern Ukraine. The following message was circulated by Arzinger on March 05, 2014, to all of its friends, colleagues and partners. We thought this was awesome and wanted to share it with you:



Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Herewith we would like to draw your attention to the current political crisis between Ukraine and Russian Federation and the current situation in the Crimea. Being a Ukrainian company we are concerned a lot about the future of our State. We kindly ask you to spare 5 minutes of your time for the issue, which is incredibly important to every person in the world, and read this message to the end.

All the politicians avoid calling this situation a war. However, we understand that at least one war has already started and continues. It is…

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Why does Ukraine lose (time after time!) an information war to Russia?


Olga Burda on FB:
Why does Ukraine lose (time after time!) an information war to Russia? First of all, because Russia appears in the Ukrainian mass media only when it imposes a ban on Ukrainian cheese supply (from time to time) or threatens to launch a war against Ukraine (like this time). The rest of the time Ukrainian mass media do not give a damn about Russia and focus their journalistic attention on other issues. In a meantime, Russian mass media write about Ukraine in detail on a daily basis, study it under a microscope, bring out of woodwork and exaggerate things enormously, presenting some insignificant nitty-gritty from our life as chiller-dillers. 

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Russia’s wartime misinformation strategies. Part two

Lies of March, 3

1. Lie #1. “Benderites” beating up peaceful Crimeans


The TV channel Rossiya 24 broadcasts that riots in Simferopol have taken the lives of three people. Interviewed people say that the “benderites” are wreaking havoc and that they must be protected. The only picture of the “Benderites is at 1:44 of the video:

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Putin’s Request to Deploy Troops to Crimea Was Based on a Staged Shooting and Fake Victims

March 2, 2014, 18:06

Russian President Vladimir Putin requested the Federation Council’s consent to deploy Russian troops in Crimea after a broadcast on Russian TV showing the purported death of Russian military servicemen as a result of shooting at the Crimean Council of Ministers building in Simferopol. The episode on shooting by “Ukrainian combatants” with covered faces and the bodies of Russian servicemen lying motionless on the road appeared on the Russian TV channel Vesti.

“At 3:20 pm, rapid machine fire was launched next to the Crimean Cabinet of Ministers building in Simferopol … 50 meters away, next to the Trade Unions building, unknown men wearing black uniforms and black face masks, as well as white ribbons tied around their arms, lay undercover, 50 meters away from the Cabinet of Ministers”, the Vesti journalist expained. Continue reading

Russian information warfare against the Maidan’s far-right aimed to discredit protests in Ukraine


Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector

By Tetiana Bezruk 

Today, the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation has published information about opening criminal case against Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector. The main investigative administration of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against the leader of Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh on grounds of crimes outlined in Art. 205.2 part 2 and Art. 280 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public calls for realising terrorist and extremist activity with the use of mass media),” the statement follows. Continue reading

Ukrainians urged to phone Russians

tel_doveriyaUkrainians are being urged to phone Russians to explain the situation in Ukraine.

The staff of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has issued an appeal to all Ukrainians to use their mobile communications to present objective information to Russians about events in Ukraine, reports Espreso.TV, citing

“With the help of mobile phones, Ukrainians can use their own initiative to convey objective information to Russians, who are being subjected to vicious anti-Ukrainian propaganda,” the appeal states. “It is critical that all mass media urge the Ukrainian people to immediately call their relatives, friends and colleagues in Russia to explain the real situation in Ukraine. Ukrainian mobile communication operators can contribute to the effort by not charging for 15-20 minute calls to Russia per subscriber per day until the end of the conflict. Maidan activists and the people of Ukraine are urged to immediately contact the mobile operators with appropriate requests,” the appeal states. Continue reading

1+1 correspondent in Germany writes complaint about pro-Russian expert Rahr


Natalka Fibrig, correspondent for the Ukrainian television channel 1+1 in Germany, and Lesya Yurchenko, a freelance journalist in Bonn, sent an angry letter to German broadcast network ARD’s television channel Das Erste [The First] demanding that they stop distorting facts in news stories about Ukraine. Continue reading

Anti-Semitism as a Weapon of Political Technology

Voices of Ukraine

Xenophobia and anti-Semitism

by Vyacheslav Likhachev
27.01.2014, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, ANALYTICS

Translated by Uilleam Blacker

The Ukrainian political confrontation caused by the refusal of the government to take steps towards integration with the EU, and then the unprecedentedly cruel dissolution of peaceful protests, has reached its peak in January. At least five participants of the protests have been killed, hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators have been wounded by the police and hooligans, while dozens of policemen have also been injured. The fact that there are among the protesters radical nationalists inclined towards violence, and that the authorities hire armed thugs to attach demonstrators – which has been proven numerous times and is no secret in Ukraine – creates the impression on the external observer of an uncontrolled, bloody chaos. Making any sense of the situation, separating rumours from facts and political technology fakes from reliable information is extremely…

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