How political technologists are fooling people in Donbas

Igor Eidman, sociologist

At the moment many are writing about informational war against Ukraine, which has become a major reason for real bloody clashes, regarding the undermining role of the Russian television, which makes the citizens of the east and west bump heads. Of course, the role of television is big, but this just a part of a thoroughly-prepared informational campaign to fuel war. Continue reading


The Russian Disease

by Mikhailo Dubynianskiy, Ukrayinska Pravda

The first great outburst of syphilis in Europe in the end of the fifteenth century is connected the crusade of French King Charles VIII to Italy. His army of many thousands became the source of the contagion, followed by a hoard of prostitutes.

Soon the expression “the French disease” has entered circulation. However, of course, it was completely arbitrary: the international illness did not forego anyone, starting from Pope Alexander VI and up to Emperor Rudolph II Hapsburg.

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