How Russian propaganda uses Facebook


The so-called Odesa doctor Igor Rozovsky

By Maksym Savanevskyy

Ukrainian authorities are ignoring the Internet as one of the most important weapons of war. Unfortunately, Russia, which has been conducting an open war against Ukraine for three months now, is working in this field professionally. It is investing considerable resources to conduct propaganda in the social networks.

The most recent example is the distribution today of the pseudo testimony of an alleged doctor from Odesa, a certain Igor Rozovsky, who reports that as he was trying to assist victims from the trade union building in Odesa, militants prevented him from saving the life of a wounded victim and supposedly told him that he and other Jews of Odesa would soon share the same fate. Continue reading

Seventh International MediaBarCamp to be held in Lithuania on May 1-4, 2014

On May 1-4, 2014, the seventh International MediaBarCamp dedicated to usingnew features of Internet media and to the development of media activism will be held in Lithuania. On May 10, 2014 it will be 20 years since the establishment of the Belarusian national domain .BY, so MediaBarCamp 2014 is the main event dedicated to this date. MediaBarCamp 2014 is organised by Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC).

The main purpose of Мediabarcamp 2014 is to exchange experience in the use of Internet for social and cultural projects of all different varieties. We invite all participants (media, public and political organizations etc.) to present their online projects and to find like-minded people. Additionally, you will be able to share your experience of raising funds for web projects or learn from the experience of others (self-financing, external, or collective financing etc.).

The last day of registration is April 7, 2014. Follow for more info!


Russia Began Cyber War against Ukraine

Ukrainian state telecommunication networks came under massive cyber attacks.

Along with the military intervention in Crimea, Russia has launched “combat operations” on the web by using viruses and cyber attacks.

Just in the first months of 2014 important state communication networks underwent 14 massive attacks by hackers, which is twice as many as in all of 2013. As the Corriere della Sera newspaper writes, referring to experts on cyber security, hackers could have used computer virus of new generation “Ouroboros,” named after the sacral symbol of a snake that devours its tail. The virus paralyzes data transfer, removes records and can provide hackers with “full access to the attacked system,” threatening national security. According to Nigel Inkster, an expert who previously collaborated with UK’s intelligence services, cyber attacks carried out by a group of hackers has been ordered by the Russian government. Continue reading

Як можна отримати доступ до Інтернету у разі введення цензури

Привіт, Україно!
Трохи ІТ-підтримки від далекої Данії. Нижче я ознайомлю вас із інструментамі , які можуть допомогти у доступі до Інтернету у разі часткового блокування або цензури. Вони були винайдені у Китаї, але якщо Янукович коїть щось подібне, немає ніяких причин, чому б їм також саме добре не спрацювати в Україні.
Я наполягаю на тому, щоб ви встановили їх СЬОГОДНІ, бо після того, як блок увімкнеться, їх буде набагато складніще отримати.

Continue reading