The President Factor. How Poroshenko will change the country’s finance sector

What the tax sphere, bank, investment and currency markets expect from the head of state.

May 27th, 2014

It seems the issue of Petro Poroshenko’s presidency has already been solved. On the eve of the announcement of the official election results, LIGABusinessInform found out the expectations of the market participants have of the future head of state.

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Viktor Pinchuk: GOD gives us a year

Thursday, March, 27, 2014, 13:03. Viktor Pinchuk, for UP

I want to briefly make a few observations

First. The Year.

Until recently, it seemed that Ukraine would not be changing at least until the elections in 2015. But the future has begun a year earlier. Thanks to God, the “Heaven Hundred” and society. We cannot afford to waste this year. Maybe this year will be the most important in the modern history of Ukraine, giving us a chance to build a new country.

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Who is trolling?

1794673_516261475158187_139513735_nRobert van Voren

Over the past months, the number of fake ‘concerned Russian citizens’ or Western ‘commentators’ have quickly increased. Clearly, in preparation for the annexation of the Crimea and whatever comes later the Kremlin has been very active on another front: information war. His main specialty: trolling. It is not the first time: on the eve of the Moscow municipal elections a massive amount of trolls or ‘trolliki’ were put in place to spread false information. They even found a cellar in St. Petersburg full with trolliki who were disseminating false information on the opposition candidate Navalny. Continue reading

Appeal to the International Investment Community on the Situation in Ukraine

bigWe, the representatives of Ukraine’s major investment banks and economic think tanks, have always refrained from engaging in political statements while serving the needs of our foreign clients. We have aimed to remain professional and provide unbiased coverage of events in Ukraine, and we are grateful to our clients and partners for many years of positive cooperation.

Today, the territorial integrity and sovereign future of Ukraine is under serious threat, and we are seeking your help. We ask that you use all the means at your disposal to promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Despite assurances from Russia that it is not interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, we observe that Russian armed forces continue to engage in active and illegal military maneuvers on the territory of Ukraine. Local administrative buildings and airports in Crimea have been seized. Armed units are also attacking Ukrainian military forces, which are showing considerable restraint while awaiting a negotiated, peaceful settlement. Continue reading