Russian Journalist Sells Out a Colleague to Slovyansk Terrorists for “Wrong” Portrayal of the Referendum


Russian journalist Dmitry Steshyn, a reporter for “Komsomolskaya Pravda” asked the terrorists in Slovyansk to find and kidnap his German colleague Paul Ronzheimer. Ronzheimer is writing for Bild news magazine. According to Steshyn, Ronzheimer’s capture was necessary, because Ronzheimer wrote about the illegal referendum on the creation of Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) in a “wrong” way. Internet media “20 minutes” learned about this incident from russian journalist Pavel Kanygin, who works for “Novaya Gazeta”.

Pavel Kanygin was captured by separatist militants in Donetsk region. He was able to regain his freedom after another journalist, Stefan Scholl of German Sudwest Presse, ransomed him. Pavel Kanygin wrote on his Facebook page:

“Just now I met my namesake Pol Ronzheimer from Berlin’s Bild, who is hiding from the Slovyansk militants. They declared him a wanted man after he published several pieces about organization of carousel voting, in which groups of voters using absentee ballots wereshuttled between polling stationsto vote repeatedly during this referendum. He is fine so far. He said that Dmitry Steshyn from “Komsomolka” informed the militants about his articles and asked them to catch and detain him”. Kanygin also asked Dmitry Steshyn whether this information was true. Continue reading

Journalist and his brother disappear in Horlivka

У Горлівці зник журналіст із Коломиї Євген Гапич. ОНОВЛЕНО

Photojournalist Yevhen Halych

Photojournalist Yevhen Halych, from Kolomyya, has disappeared in the Donbas, the publication Telekrytyka reports on April 23.

Halych had received a travel grant from Telekrytyka (funded by the Renaissance fund) for covering events in Eastern Ukraine and was on assignment for the Ivano-Frankivsk newspaper Reporter. The publication was informed of his disappearance by activists at Euromaidan SOS that had been contacted by Halych’s wife.

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