How Ukraine rebuilt Crimea (“Khrushchev’s Gift”)

A look back to 1954 when the Soviet leadership, not Khrushchev, decided to transfer Crimea to Ukraine

Voices of Ukraine

By Peter Volvach
21 February 2011
Translated by Stepan Nikitchuk and Voices of Ukraine staff and  Edited by Voices of Ukraine

No, there was no “gift from “Khrushchev.” On February 19, 1954, at the request of the Kremlin, Ukraine assumed the task of saving the Crimea, which had been extremely neglected by the Russian Federation; a region with its economy in ruins and a population that had been heavily deported out of the region. A contemporary account in “The Crimean Truth” newspaper wrote…

“The enduring friendship, the communist attitude toward work by the collective farmers at the Kalinin cooperative, is evident everywhere. In the early morning, trucks from the collective farm fill the street with noise: drivers, among them – half immigrants from Ukraine – traveled to Simferopol for fertilizer.

“Grigory A. Shevchenko who is the foreman for technical and oilseed plant cultures hurries to work…

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