“Right Sector” Will Remove Barricades and Tents from Maidan

They want to turn Maidan into an “Idea Generator,” only leaving representatives of artistic circles there. 

The party “Right Sector” intends to put Maidan Nezalezhnosti in order – remove the barricades and unblock the roads in the centre of Kyiv. This was stated by member of the political council of the party, head of the Kyiv organisation “Social-National Assembly” (Right Sector – East) Igor Krivoruchko, reports “Interfax.”

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Because of Corruption Medicine In Ukraine is 1,5 Times More Expensive – Minister Musiy

“Vasha Svoboda” guest: Oleg Musiy, Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine.

Olexandr Lashchenko: Few of you, dear listeners, do not know that Oleg Musiy was one of the most active participants of Maidan, giving medical aid to the wounded. By the way, with risk to his own life.

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Laughter Through Tears

So many times in the last few months, there have been calls for a general strike: no one goes to work as another way of making the protest felt by the government.

But hardworking Kyivans didn’t announce a strike, instead managing to fit in both a full work day and saving the world at Maidan.

And so now the government, by shutting down the metro in the Ukrainian capital with a population of three million, is itself ensuring that the general strike does happen. Because, excuse me, Mr. Big walked home on foot from Sevastopolska Square to Heroiv Dnipra. Six hours. At least it was above freezing and the snow had melted.

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The city was completely jammed with traffic and taxis simply turned down callers, or only responded to curbside hails for completely insane prices. The government said that it won’t resume metro services “while there are riots in the city.” Continue reading