Titushkas from Kirovohrad: who they are, who controls them, who supplies them

On 26th of January, as the windows of the Kirovograd State Administration were barricaded with sacks of sand and all the approaches to the building glazed with ice, the townsfolk have had their first acquaintance with the phenomenon created by the party in power — titushkas.

Upon closer inspection it’s become apparent, that while some of these men are locals, others have been brought in from other Ukrainian cities.

Among the boys lending their fists for a couple hundred hryvnias one could spot local sportsmen, such as professional boxer Oleksandr Cherviak, kung-fu coach Volodymyr Kozhukhar, as well as unsophisticated thugs and people resembling drug addicts, supposedly the supporters of the Party of Regions. Also, several sources claimed that a busful of inmates from the local SIZO prison arrived to reinforce the defence of the Kirovograd State Administration. Continue reading