Militants create civilian disaster scenes for Russian media


Russian terrorists  fired at Ukrainian military positions at the Kramatorsk airfield Thursday, June 19, reported ATO (antiterrorist operation) spokesman Vladyslav Seleznov on his Facebook page, reports Ukrainska Pravda. “Then the militants launched 82mm mortar fire at civilian areas in Kramatorsk,” he wrote.

Citing sources, Seleznov reported that once again Russian journalists appeared within minutes at locations bombarded by militants. A few days earlier, the ATO center had warned that militants would be shelling Kramatorsk in order to create a humanitarian catastrophe and provide appropriate images for Russian TV. According to Seleznov, this has been going on for several days. Continue reading


Security officers arrest terrorists in Kyiv and Kramatorsk


Russian mercenary arrested in Kramatorsk

On June 13, the Security Service of Ukraine arrested a citizen “D” (alias Sevyer), an active member of the terrorist organization “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and an accomplice of the terrorist Igor Bezler (alias Bez), reports the ministry’s press service on its website, June 16.

It has been established that “D” is a resident of the Donetsk area and arrived in Kyiv with the goal of destabilizing the situation in the capital. According to the suspect, the terrorists leader “Bez” gave him the assignment to create a series of sabotage activities at the city’s energy and water utility sites in order to divert attention from events in the east of Ukraine. Continue reading

Terrorists demand payment for leaving Kramatorsk: USD 1,000 for an adult and USD 500 for a child, says Centurion Parasiuk

terrorist moneyRefugees continue arriving from Kramatorsk, mostly families with children. According to the refugees, the terrorists must be paid USD 1,000 per adult and USD 500 per child.

Volodymyr Parasiuk, Maidan Centurion, who is currently in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, reports on Facebook that terrorists are demanding money from people leaving Kramatorsk.

“Mr. Tsariov’s house is being set up to accommodate refugees from the east. Two families have already been settled there. We were also meeting families from Kramatorsk today. Families with children mostly. Some of the men have joined the battalion. They say that terrorists at roadblocks demand money from the refugees. To leave the city, every adult must pay USD 1,000, and USD 500 for a child,” reports Parasiuk. Continue reading

Für das Verlassen von Kramatorsk verlangen die Terroristen Bestechungsgeld



$1000 für einen Erwachsenen und $500 für ein Kind, sagt Hundertschaftleiter Parasjuk

Quelle: (Übersetzung aus dem Russischen) 05.06.2014

Es kommen Flüchtlinge aus Kramatorsk heraus, hauptsächlich Familien mit Kindern. Laut Angaben von Flüchtlingen muss jeder Erwachsene 1000 US-Dollar an die Terroristen zahlen, für jedes Kind sind es $500.

Der Maidan-Sotnik (Hundertschaftsleiter) Parasjuk, der sich zur Zeit in der Region Dnipropetrowsk befindet, schrieb auf seiner Facebook-Seite, dass die Terroristen für die Ausfahrt aus Kramatorsk Geld verlangen, berichtet Censor.NET.

“Zur Zeit wird das Haus von Zarjow für die Unterkunft von Flüchtlingen aus dem Osten hergerichtet. Es wurden hier bereits zwei Familien untergebracht. Auch heute empfing man Flüchtlinge aus Kramatorsk. Hautsächlich Familien mit Kindern. Manche der Männer traten dem Bataillon bei. Man erzählt, dass die Terroristen an den Straßensperren Geld von Flüchtlingen verlangen. Um aus der Stadt herauszukommen muss jeder Erwachsener $1000 zahlen, für ein Kind sind es $500”, schreibt Parasjuk.

“Diese putnischen Unmenschen werden sich für jeden verletzten Ukrainer verantworten müssen”, fasste der Sotnik zusammen.


Ukraine’s Defense Ministry warns of possible explosions in Kramatorsk

10155719_681924298536745_738827047372247570_nUkraine’s Ministry of Defense is reporting that militants in Kramatorsk are inserting boxes with unknown contents into sewer holes. The Ministry has determined there are substantial grounds for believing this could be an explosive substance, 25 tons of which was stolen Monday, May 5, in the area of Kramatorsk, according to the Ministry’s Facebook statement, May 6. Continue reading

Separatisten lassen zwei Polizeibeamte aus Kramatorsk frei

Die Polizisten Andrij Redko und Wolodymyr Mischtschenko hatten sich geweigert, auf die Seite der Separatisten überzulaufen, worauf sie in Slowjansk festgehalten wurden.


Zwei der vier am Dienstag von pro-russischen Aktivisten entführten Polizeibeamten aus Kramatorsk sind freigekommen. Darüber berichtet das ukrainische Innenministerium.

„Am 29. April wurden vier Beamte des Polizeireviers der Stadt Kramatorsk von bewaffneten pro-russischen Aktivisten entführt, weil sie sich geweigert hatten, auf die Seite der Separatisten überzulaufen: der Leiter der Kriminalpolizei Witalij Benko, der Leiter des Rauschgiftdezernats Oleh Sajtzev und die Polizeibeamten Andrij Redko und Wolodymyr Mischtschenko. Sie wurden in das Gebäude des Sicherheitsdienstes in Slowjansk gebracht, wo sich vermutlich 30 bis 50 Geiseln befinden“, berichtete die Polizei.

Nun wurde bekannt, dass die Polizisten Redko und Mischtschenko freigelassen wurden. Die Verhandlungen bezüglich der Freilassung der anderen Ordnungshüter werden fortgesetzt.


Donetsk Oblast residents seek help from Ukrainian military

Residents of the Slovyansk and Kramatorsk districts in the Donetsk Oblast have increased their requests for help from members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense reports on its website, April 22.

Rising crime and the pursuit and persecution of Ukrainian speaking citizens and representatives of national minorities is compelling them to seek shelter on military territories, including field camps and checkpoints, the MOD says.

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Kramatorsk residents want Ukraine to demonstrate power


A message from Kramatorsk:

Kyiv is receiving information that is absolutely distorted.

In reality, most of the residents of the city have an active pro-Ukrainian position, and help our military, and are holding a ‘For Ukraine!’ rally today with national symbols.

It was a hired crowd together with organised criminal groups from Donetsk led by Russian officers that blocked and disarmed the paratroopers.

Virtually everyone from the hired crowd is not local. The total amount of these hired ‘colorados’ [separatists wearing black-orange St.George ribbons] is around 300 people. Continue reading

Number of Russian Saboteurs in Donbass Region Increases

The number of Russian military in Donetsk region is growing, according to the head of Anti-terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Krutov, reports Interfax Ukraine.

Well armed Russian militants occupy government building in Eastern Ukraine

Well armed Russian militants occupy government buildings in Eastern Ukraine

“The day before yesterday [Sunday, ed.], there were 150 of the so-called “green men,” but yesterday another 300 arrived. I am not saying how many was there before. How many there will be tomorrow remains to be seen… For those professional militants to cross Ukraine’s border is as easy as for a kid to take a trip to the cinema,” he told journalists at a military airfield on late Tuesday night. Krutov admitted that the Ukrainian military will have to deal with “highly trained and professional opponents.” Continue reading


Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region), near the police station 

Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region), near the police station

Today, on April 12 the Russian Federation, in fact, invaded continental Ukraine.
This was recognized by the Interior Minister of Ukraine, military experts and numerous witnesses of the latest events in Eastern Ukraine. National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was urgently convened.

“The Government of Ukraine is considering the facts of today as display external Russian aggression,” Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov wrote on his page. The reason for such a statement is that the weapons used by militants in Krasny Liman (Donetsk Oblast) special series of Kalashnikov guns with grenade launchers – is owned only by armed forces of Russian Federation. Some activists in Sloviansk (Donetsk Oblast) managed to capture the photo of a “green man” with weapon whose uniform looks just the same as we’ve seen in Crimea. In Sloviansk also the towers of mobile connection were destroyed, police station and Security Bureau office are blocked. Two journalists were caught by armed people, but later they were released. And the most worrying fact: the weapon storage room in Sloviansk was raided and, as a result, a large number of firearms were handed over to random people.

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