Resolution des Kurultai des Krimtatarischen Volkes

Der Kurultai (Große Rat) des Krimtatarischen Volkes hat sich an die Vereinten Nationen, den Europarat, die Europäische Union, die OSZE, die OIC (Organisation der Islamischen Zusammenarbeit), die Völker, Parlamente und Regierungen der Staaten gewandt mit dem Aufruf, das Recht des Krimtatarischen Volkes auf Selbstbestimmung in ihrem historisch angestammten Gebiet – der Krim – zu schützen.

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Interview with Mustafa Dzemilev at the UN Security Council

Mustafa Dzemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatar community, Speaking at the UN Security Council.

MUSTAFA: The topic of the meeting is “Human Rights in the Occupied Territories”.
Mostly we focused on this issue, and particularly Valentina Samar. I spoke about the situation in general, about the legal grounds of the occupation, about Russia’s faulty reasoning, and about my concerns. Among them, first of all, is the fact that sanctions against this aggressor are like pinpricks to an elephant. If nothing changes, it is highly doubtful that Russia will leave the territory it occupied. Should this approach prevail, Ukrainians will feel cheated, and rightfully so. There is already a growing narrative that we were cheated and we need to return our nuclear status.
JOURNALIST: What more assertive actions would you like to see from the West? Military actions?

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