An Appeal from the Ukrainian Association of International Law

sshot-1An Appeal from the Ukrainian Association of International Law to the people of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the fraternal people of the neighboring States with whom we share close family ties and historical connections, as well as the international community as a whole:

On 1 March 2014 at 17.21 (Kyiv time), the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (the Council of the Federation) unanimously supported the appeal of the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, on sending a “limited contingent of military troops” of the armed forces of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine. Continue reading


The ‘Amnesty Law 2’, dated 29 January 2014, by Yuriy Miroshnichenko


“On the Elimination of Negative Consequences and Prevention of Prosecution and Punishment as Applicable to Persons Related to the Events That Took Place During the Peaceful Protests”, No.737-VII, dated 29 January 2014

Based on the principle of humanity, the objective of this Law is to release people from prosecution and punishment in connection with mass street protests.  Continue reading