Viktor Pinchuk: GOD gives us a year

Thursday, March, 27, 2014, 13:03. Viktor Pinchuk, for UP

I want to briefly make a few observations

First. The Year.

Until recently, it seemed that Ukraine would not be changing at least until the elections in 2015. But the future has begun a year earlier. Thanks to God, the “Heaven Hundred” and society. We cannot afford to waste this year. Maybe this year will be the most important in the modern history of Ukraine, giving us a chance to build a new country.

It could be that using this chance is our national idea. Continue reading


The real heroes in Ukraine

Robert van Voren


The heroes are the young generation in Ukraine, who started and fuelled this revolution and who made the impossible happen. What happened in Ukraine, today and over the past months, gives hope to the whole region. We now see that indeed desovietization is taking place, that the effects of disastrous Soviet rule are gradually eroded. Ukraine today – maybe Russia some time in the future.  Continue reading