Oleg Liashko: If only you knew what kind of “dough” they’re offering me

Mykola Pidvezyaniy, Kateryna Peshko, Stanislav Gruzdev (photo), “Glavcom”

When Oleg Liashko brought a cow to the Parliament, ate soil at the Verkhovna Rada booth and walked the city with a pitchfork, this was viewed as political extravagance – a trick that the smallest fraction of the electorate would fall for. However the results of the past elections prove that the main parliamentary rascal has a significant political perspective. The politician, who according to some experts, was under the patronage of Yanukovich’s team for the role of the oppositional clown, has already stepped out of this frame. 

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Liashko’s Triumph: An Accident or The Beginning of Great Way? 

Sviatoslav Khomenko, BBC

Oleg Liashko, who took third place at the elections with a result of more than 8% of the votes, is already being called one of the sensational news of the presidential campaign.

Within several days before the elections, the sociologists did not give any chances to this candidate, and today experts are quite seriously predicting good perspectives for him at the possible early parliamentary elections. Continue reading