Fierce Love: Letters to Maidan Heroes on Valentine’s Day

Voices of Ukraine

Letters to Heroes: Declarations to EuroMaidan Residents

Kiev  14.02.2014
Translated by Isis

Photo: Anni Lukashevich Photo: Anni Lukashevich

During the “Support A Maidan Resident with a Letter” action conducted on Valentine’s Day, volunteer Anna Lukashevich and her friends just received over a thousand letters with declarations of love and admiration for self-defense units, physicians, volunteers and participants of EuroMaidan.

Activists were handing them out all day. Life decided to publish some of the most touching stories.

Hi, my hero!

Yes, it is hero, because that’s the only way we must call a person who defends our freedom. Thank you, that without harming your forces, and risking your lives, you do not surrender your help for the future of our country.

I bow before your courage. I was overwhelmed with various feelings of pride, love for all of these incredible people … But most importantly – it’s a complete belief that…

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Valentine cards for Berkut from the Artistic Sotnia



Girls from the Artistic Sotnia, the creative subdivision of #Euromaidan, will be handing out these Valentine’s day cards to Berkut fighters on Hrushevskiy st. They say “From the girl volunteers with love!!! Ukrainian House, buffet”

Inside there is a translation of a poem by R.Kipling “If”, that he addresses to his son, by the Ukrainain poet Vasyl Stus: Continue reading