Yuriy Lutsenko: The plan for tomorrow


Despite the militarised show of the pseudo-referendum, I think that Crimea sooner or later will  become a place where it is safer to live and better to study, work, get medical treatment, and trade. However, the [territorial] integrity of Ukraine directly depends on the pace of Ukrainian reforms.

There are no reforms today – only a temporary distribution of power and businesses along the party quotas, along with harassment by petty thugs on the streets.

The country needs vertical governance and tough action. Only a government with a popular mandate can do this. Continue reading


Where is the punishment for the sadists?


Ihor Lutsenko

This is the first question for the government. The only other comparable issue is the threat to territorial integrity. Questions of staffing should be of a distant secondary nature.

As of now, there are still 290 members of the Berkut riot police who remain free, despite having beaten [peaceful protesters] on November 20, and thousands of their colleagues who later shot, tortured and killed.

Also free are the judges, who knowingly sought to conceal the repression through their unlawful decisions. Continue reading

Abductors of Lutsenko and Verbytsky have been detained

The men responsible for the abduction of activists Ihor Lutsenko and Yuriy Verbytsky have been detained by the principal investigative unit of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the acting Minister of Interior Affairs Arsen Avakov announced on his Facebook page.

“The main investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested the immediate perpetrators of the abduction of Ihor Lutsenko and the murder of Yuriy Verbitsky,” he stated. Continue reading

Lutsenko: SBU Opens Criminal Cases against Dobkin and Kernes


The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has opened criminal cases against Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes and Kharkiv Oblast governor Mykhaylo Dobkin, said former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko from the Maidan stage, reports the newspaper Segodia.

“I talked to some high-ranking SBU officials, and they said that the cases against Kernes and Dobkin were opened based on their separatist statements,” said the civic activist.

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Yuri Lutsenko appeals to the security services of Ukraine

Maidan, February 18, 16:30 Kyiv time

Each one of us has a choice on how to live our life.

Again I appeal to the people in uniform. Stop!

If you enter the territory of the Free Maidan, you accept that choice. Everyone who finds himself on either side of the fence is deciding on a future: either the criminal band, or a free country. Continue reading

New Criminal Case Fabricated Against Yuriy Lutsenko


Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) sent a requested to mass media demanding they “immediately provide all available video materials” containing public declarations of the former minister Yuriy Lutsenko at the Maidan on January 22, 2014.

A copy of the document to this effect was published on Facebook by journalist Mustafa Naiyem. Continue reading

Who abducted Lutsenko, Verbitskiy and Bulatov?

Death squads covered up by MIA operatives? The events of recent months indicate that a powerful and deeply conspiratorial terrorist organization works in Ukraine, Aleftina Major writes.

Snipers of this organization open fire on a crowd of people, militants kidnap people directly from hospitals, carry out mass arsons of EuroMaidan activists’ cars, buildings, make threats and attack the houses of activists. Special resonance was caused by the attacks on well-known journalist Tetiana Chornovol, abduction and torture of Ihor Lutsenko and Dmytro Bulatov, abduction and murder of Yuriy Verbytskiy, abduction and beating of two Russian reporters Nikita Perfiliev and Anton Zakharov. Currently 36 Euro Maidan activists are missing. According to the statements of opposition leaders, the death squad operation is organized by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the executors are thugs, hired by “alcohol mafia.” We hope that the police and prosecutors will finally give an official response to the allegations of the opposition, since continued silence will only confirm all versions voiced against the leadership of the Ministry of Interior. In the meantime, the information on terrorists comes from unofficial sources in law enforcement agencies. Continue reading