Western Ukraine Launched General Mobilization to Support Kyiv

photo: ua.korrespondent.net

photo: ua.korrespondent.net

Several cities in western Ukraine have declared general mobilization. On the evening on Tuesday, 18 February, convoys of buses and cars filled with people are departing from Lviv and Ternopil to reinforce the self-defense units in Kyiv, reports Radio Svoboda. Volunteers are signing up, compelled by events in central Kyiv, where clashes between Maidan activists and security forces are taking place.

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“Titushki” enter L’viv to liberate Oblast admin building

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 17:31 pravda.com.ua

Several dozens of young men of athletic appearance have arrived in L’viv to let the employees of the Oblastl State Administration into their offices. This is how the young men explained their presence at Vynnychenka St. 18, ZAXID.NET reports.

Around 14:30 a “Neoplan” bus with Czech license plates arrived at Vynnychenka St. 18 packed with the young men. A man named Robert introduced himself as the leader of the young people. He said that he and his people had come in order to enable the employees of L’viv Oblast State Administration perform their work. Continue reading