Luhansk terrorists hunt Ukrainian teachers


photo: Reuters

On Tuesday, June 17, pro-Russian terrorists in Lysychansk, in the Luhansk Oblast, staged a “shakedown” in the Lysychansk school #8 when several armed men came looking for the Ukrainian language teacher Antonina Havrylyuk.

Fortunately, the teacher was not at school at the time. After being warned of possible kidnapping, she took shelter with friends, writes the newspaper Today in Severedonetsk. According to the newspaper, Havrylyuk has left the terrorist occupied area and is now safe.

Havrylyuk has been highly valued by the parents of her students. The class where she teaches has been renovated by the parents and is one of the best in the school. She is also an active supporter of a united Ukraine, the newspaper reports.



More Russian terrorists arrive in Ukraine


Lysychansk, Photo: Mykhaylo Naumenko

Some two hundred armed commandos have arrived in the city of Lysychansk in the Luhansk Oblast from Russia and one of the states of Central Asia, UNN reports, June 11, citing Luhansk police sources. According to the sources, the armed men do not hide their nationality

“According to preliminary information, almost two hundred men have arrived. Those with Slavic appearance state they have arrived from the Krasnodar region (in Russia). Others are Asiatic in appearance. According to preliminary information, they are from Kazakhstan. They came to Lysychansk immediately after the capture of the district prosecutor’s office by terrorists. All these ‘aliens’ have settled in the prosecutor’s office,” the police sources say. Continue reading